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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Sapphire Class

Welcome to Sapphire Class! We are a class of Year 3 pupils.

Our teacher is Miss Male and Mrs Rowland is the teaching assistant in our class.

See below to find out more about what goes on in Year 3. The comments are usually written by the School Council representatives.


Autumn Term 2019-2020

Our topic: Let The Battle Commence (History)

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Week beginning 16th September 2019

This week we have been learning how to partition 3-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones in different ways. We have been building, drawing and using the part whole models using the numbers.

In English we have been exploring key features of Kenning poems. We have been learning more about the alphabet, vowels and consonants. We had to spot them in sentences. We have also been practising our handwriting and learning more about the Romans in guided reading.

In RE we have been discussing and writing about what makes us who we are.

In PE we have been developing our strength and practising our footwork skills.


Week beginning 9th September 2019

This week in Sapphire Class we have enjoyed making decisions about our classroom book area. We even got out all the books and sorted them into our favourite categories. We have been completing some challenge booklets to show Miss Male what we know and practising lots of spellings and maths facts.

We really enjoyed the skipping workshop and show where we learned new skills. Some of the skills were harder than others. We really enjoyed the one where you had to wrap the skipping rope around your arm.

On Wednesday we made small houses out of cardboard to make a mini village on the carpet area but after lunch we found out it had been invaded! The invaders left lots of artefacts and pictures behind as clues with a scroll. We had to explore and investigate who it could have been until we eventually realised it was 3 different invaders; the Romans, then the Anglo-Saxons and then the Vikings! It was very exciting and we can’t wait to find out more!


Week beginning 2nd September 2019

We have really enjoyed our first week in Sapphire Class. We have been spending time getting to know each other more and we have been earning lots of gems!

We had fun in our first Year 3 French lesson where we learned about different French foods and about different countries which also speak French.

We have written letters to ourselves to open on our last day in Year 3 to see how much we will have grown and changed over the year.

We have also been completing some challenge booklets and writing speeches to vote in our new class pupil leaders. Lots of us are keeping our fingers crossed! We look forward to finding out who our pupil leaders will be next week!