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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Celebrating Achievement


Friday 20th September 2019

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Work of Excellence Certificate

OPAL Reception class will join us when they have settled in.
RUBY Darcey H For super writing using her phonemes independently.
AMBER Victoria N For a super, independent fact sheet about herself, in which she corrected some of her own spellings without being asked.
SAPPHIRE Sophia C and Mollie W For showing some brilliant partitioning in lots of different ways with a partner.

For not giving up in maths and producing excellent place value work.

JET Alfie S For making great progress in maths lessons - particularly when rounding numbers.
EMERALD Nicola V For brilliant maths work over the last two weeks.

Qualities and Values Certificates



Reception class will be joining us when they have settled in.

RUBY Maci S For always putting your own boxes and bottles in the class box.......always with a wonderful smile!
AMBER Elliott B For always working independently to complete a good quantity of work
SAPPHIRE Lexie D For working well independently.
DIAMOND Olivia J For completing work independently.
JET Ruby H For showing resilience when dealing with tricky maths problems.
EMERALD Grace J For always being ready to learn and to support others

 Key Skills Award - great communication skills

OPAL Reception class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Alfie M For being keen to tell us all your knowledge on our Autumn walk.
AMBER Freddy V For super well thought out answers during class discussions!
SAPPHIRE Romany G For asking lots of questions about our text in guided reading to help you understand difficult vocabulary.
DIAMOND Florence C For always being willing to share ideas in class discussions.
JET Elysia HC For demonstrating excellent teamwork skills across all lessons. Your contributions to class and group learning are very valuable!
EMERALD Anya E For being enthusiastically sharing your ideas with the class.

 Lunchtime Superstars

Rec/KS1 Cassie B For showing fabulous table manners and making polite conversation at the dinner table.
KS2 Nicola V and James T For helping the new children in Opal class to settle into life at Puriton.

 Homework Hero