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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School



We are pleased to say that Puriton primary School has been judged as 'Good' by Ofsted.  Many strengths were identified during the inspection and we are proud to know that the strong relationships within the school community were at the forefront of the observations.

'Puriton Primary School is at the heart of the community. Pupils enjoy school and feel safe. Parents and carers appreciate the nurturing environment that leaders provide. Pupils are kind and respectful towards one another. They are happy and confident. Pupils enjoy positive relationships with each other and the staff. Pupils say that staff care about their well-being and that there is always an adult to share any concerns with. They are adamant that bullying does not exist.

Leaders have high expectations of behaviour from the moment pupils join the school. Pupils behave well in lessons and during social times. They say that poor behaviour is not a problem. Nearly all the parents who completed Ofsted’s survey agree.' Ofsted 2022

Click here to access the Ofsted report from the recent visit in January 2022.

Click here to access a letter from Ofsted regarding school inspection now that the school has converted to an academy.

Click here to access the last Ofsted report for the school, before it became an academy.