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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

New EYFS parents 

Welcome to Puriton Primary School! We hope this is the start of a great seven-year partnership for you with us. Please do pick up the phone or email the school office if you have any questions or concerns.

Starting School in September 2021


  • 21/06/21  Changes to summer getting-to-know-you events (pdf)
  • 30/04/21  Letter to parents about summer getting-to-know-you events (pdf)
  • 20/04/21  Initial welcome letter to parents (pdf)
  • 26/05/21  Welcome video from Ms Keating 

 Story time with Ms Keating  Penguin.  I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do. 

Story time with Ms Keating  Where there's a bear there's trouble  You could draw a picture of a bear and then send it to me. 


Starting School in September 2020

Parent workshops

To give parents some ideas on how to support their children across the EYFS curriculum, I will be recording workshops on

Phonics and reading - Please click here to watch .    Reading: ways to help at home handout 

Phonics play - has many free games that practises using the phonemes. Use the Phase 2 games and ensure your child is very confident with set 1 and 2 before you move on e.g. 


Good news!

We are planning on being fully open again, to receive all children in all classes on Monday 7th September. Please read the information letter to all parents on our Covid website page: https://www.puritonprimaryschool.org.uk/News/Covid-19-Coronavirus-Updates/

Do keep an eye on the Covid page, especially at the start of September, just in case there are any changes over the summer holidays.  



Thank you to everyone who joined in the meeting this week. It was so lovely to see you all. Reading was discussed and I recommended some resources. 

The children will start their phonics learning at phase 2. If you look on the Letters and sounds website it will explain all about the phases, provide resources and ideas for games.  

Making sure you say the phonemes correctly is extremely important e.g. s is pronounced ssss not suh [that is 2 phonemes s + u]. There are many examples of videos online demonstrating how to pronounce them, but this one seems really good. Click here.

Phonics play - has many free games that practises using the phonemes. Use the Phase 2 games and ensure your child is very confident with set 1 and 2 before you move on e.g. 

Have lots of fun.

Update: June


Update: May

 During May, parents will be invited to identify 1 or 2 special friends for your child so that two settling-in groups (A-group and B-group) can be formed for September. Parents will be told which group their child will be in by the end of May.

Update: April

Each year we arrange a comprehensive programme of induction into the school to ensure the smoothest possible start for your child (and yourselves!). This year, some of the events have had to be adapted, because of the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions but as soon as it is safe to do so, we will invite parents and children in to meet face-to-face too.

The full range of INSET days have yet to be finalised. However, to help you make any arrangements necessary, I can confirm that children will be starting school on Monday 7th September 2020 and there is an INSET day confirmed for Monday 2nd November 2020.