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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Emerald Class

We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is the teaching assistant in our class.

Find out what goes on in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Information for parents 

Autumn Term 2019

Week 3

This week, Emerald class have been rounding, sketching, writing letters and thinking about being kind.

On Wednesday afternoon, we visited Puriton Church and sketched in detail small parts of the church, ready for our John Piper work in the next few weeks

We learnt that rounding decimal numbers wasn’t really any trickier than rounding whole numbers – you just need to look to the digit to the right!

We have started to explore the Hindu faith and learnt the importance of Ahimsa which is being kind to all living things. We wrote acrostic poems to explain this to others.


Week 2

We have all had another good week in Emerald class and continue to be enthusiastic learners.   Madam Pickford was really impressed last Friday, when she questioned us about our holiday in French, and we remembered so much from last year.  In our weekly reflection, we talked about how we have learnt the importance of checking our work when we have finished; it is so easy to make silly mistakes when we rush! 

We have all learnt how to order numbers by comparing digits and can now order numbers up to 10 million and decimal numbers.  We really enjoyed the skipping workshop, especially when we mastered some of the trickier skills, like skipping with two ropes! It also helped us to get on well at break and lunchtimes, as we have been skipping together.


Week 1

The children have settled in extremely well to Emerald class and are already showing great enthusiasm for their learning.  In our weekly reflection yesterday, we talked about how we have learnt the importance of working systematically to crack codes using the Caesar Cipher Wheel.  This was a system used during WW2.   We used it to find out more about what we would be learning this term.  We are looking forward to exploring what it would have been like for children during the war. 

 We have also learnt about how artists sketch pictures, using gentle strokes of a pencil and how they create 3D using shading.  We have taken the first steps to creating war time images in the style of John Piper. 


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