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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Emerald Class


We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is the teaching assistant in our class.   Find out what goes on in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Information for parents and children 

Find out what we are going to be learning in Emerald Class by clicking on this link: Curriculum Map Spring Term

Bug Club

I have emailed your login details to your parents.  If you are using an Apple device to run it, you will need to amend your settings.  See the instructions on the letter here.   

username is the one with part of your first name and surname   e.g. jamebrow 

password is the one with an animal and a number   e.g. dog17

School code is puri


Home learning

Wild Boy recordings - please enjoy them at any time during the day. 

Chapter 1    Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5 


Friday 22nd January

It's Friday! Another week down! Well done to all of you (and your parents) for surviving another week of home learning.  I have been impressed with your resilience to keep going in these tricky times.  Remember that if you are feeling de-motivated one day, it is normal.  Send me an email, if you want a chat, and Mrs A or I will try to fit in a quick teams call with you. 


Daily plan


New spellings

That was easy today!! Not much to attach today, as it is mainly in the daily plan. 

Have a good day! See you at 9:15am! 

Mrs M


Thursday 21st January

Daily Plan


Science video

Art lesson 

Have fun! I am hoping for lots of fab photos later! 

Mrs M



Wednesday 20th January

Don't forget Mr Newell's Assembly at 9:30am today.  click on the link below:


Well done to Brooke, who has decided to do the Couch to 5k challenge, to get fit.  Her PE lesson today was a 5k walk/run!  She has inspired me to get back out running.  Have a look at this link if you are intersted: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/couch-to-5k-week-by-week/ 

Daily Plan



French lesson:

ICT link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/transferring-information-6ctp2r

It looks a lot but it isn't really! You only need to do one of the maths! For the Conjunctions and French lessons, choose the PowerPoint or PDF, whichever is best on your computer.  PowerPoints will be easiest, if you can open them. 

See you at 9:30am!!

Mrs M




Tuesday 19th January

Pop Art from yesterday

Daily Plan




Have a good day! Please email me everything that is on the list at the bottom of the daily plan! 

Mrs M



Monday 18th January

Good Morning! I can't believe it is week 3 already! You are doing really well - keep it up! I look forward to catching up with you all at 2:15pm today.  I have recorded two more chapters of Wild boy for you - see above. 

Daily Plan

Assembly PowerPoint      Assembly pdf



Reading, RE and Art links are all in the 'Daily Plan'.

Don't forget to email all your work later! 

Mrs M



Friday 15th January

I liked Lacey's ideas for the poem yesterday....I look forward to reading the final edited poem later. 

And Brooke's... I hope you can read it.  The photo hasn't come out too well.

Daily Plan

Maths Escape Room activity easy     answers     Maths Escape Room activity hard            

Reading comprehension text          questions      answers 

Next week's spellings

Have a good day!

Mrs M



Thursday 14th January

Daily Plan

Maths Arithmetic paper            Arithmetic Answers

English Lesson Plan

Music Help Sheet

Hope you have a good day.

Mrs M 



Wednesday 13th January


Some work to share from yesterday:

Freya's character description:  

Now you see Dark does not have any friends. Everyone who sees him always looks at the outside, not the inside. Dark is a tall person with extremely long legs. His hair is a charcoal black colour and it flows down to his shoulders. The hair that covers his head is rather thin and patchy. Dark wears black jeans and a t-shirt that reads, ‘ Dark is the new cool !’  When he walks, his shoulders are back and his chest is out. Although he may look confident, on the inside Dark is scared and worried that people won't like him. Most of the time his posture is magnificent, however, he can occasionally slip into a hunched back. Darks voice tends to be high pitched and sometimes squeaky. His favourite food is macaroni cheese; this reminds him  that everyone is different, it's not just him like how each piece of pasta is different. Dark lives in an apartment on 32nd street. 

Click here to look at your Pop Art from Tuesday with some pictures from Alfie's mum for you to look through.

Daily Plan

Maths simplifying fractions quick sheet (How many can you do in 5 mins?)  answers

Maths dividing fractions video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpYw-OQFqtg

Maths division questions    answers 1   answers 2 + 3

Spelling activity - 'ough' poem

English lesson poetry lesson 3

Reading questions     Text from Monday/Tuesday

French lesson

ICT lesson link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/computer-systems-and-us-c4rk2r

Have a good day!

Mrs M



Tuesday 12th January

Remember to check your Teams calendar every couple of hours in the day, just in case I have invited you to a meeting.  There looks quite a lot below but a lot of the activities are quite short.  

Daily Plan

Flashback 4    

Maths video from Monday     

Whole number times fraction help sheet      Mixed number times mixed number help sheet

Worksheet one (easier)    worksheet one answers             

reasoning and problem solving worksheet  answers

Spelling crossword     answers   (Do if you have time) 

English lesson - it's another quickish one

Reading vocabulary questions      Place called Perfect Text from yesterday 

Art link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/julian-opie-portraits-part-1-61gk0d 

RE lesson: as PP   as PDF 

Have a good day! 

Mrs M



Monday 11th January

Great first week folks! I was quite kind to you with the amount of work I set you last week.  It's back to a normal school day now, apart from Friday afternoon when you can plan your own creative afternoon with your family.  please let me know what you do so I can share good ideas with the rest of the class.

I have filmed the next chapter of Wild Boy and saved it above.  It is a great story so if you haven't listed to any of it yet, I recommend that you do. 

Daily plan

Maths video        Maths worksheet easier  Answer sheet was wrong! Sorry! I will let you have answers in check-in later     Maths Worksheet harder    answers

Please use the answer sheets to mark your maths so that you can tell me how you got on at the end of the day. 

Spellings sheet from  last week...just in case! 

English lesson plan

Whole class reading text - Place called Perfect 

Science PowerPoint     as pdf       worksheet

See you later for the check-in! Check your calendars!

Mrs M



Friday 8th January

First of all .... what great ice towers you made! Some of you had the problem that I did that my ice cubes weren't in fact cubes!!! I will add a few photos later but look at Immy's ice tower video and Honey's photo! 


There is lots of important information in the daily plan so please read it carefully.  

Daily Plan

Simplifying fractions Key skills sheet for warm up.

Adding and subtracting fractions lesson 2 video

Adding and subtracting fractions lesson 2 questions    answers

Link for the 10minute challenge: https://authorfy.com/10minutechallenges/

French lesson

See you all at 9:15am.

Mrs M


Thursday 7th January

Once again, there is lots of important information in my Daily plan so please read it all! Every day, someone asks me a question that I know I have told you in my planning! 

Hopefully, you read my comment yesterday or Tuesday about making ice.  If you didn't, run to the fridge now and make yourself some because you will need it later!

Daily plan

Maths answers from Thursday - simplifying fractions

Maths lesson: Adding and subtracting fractions 1: https://youtu.be/POVaTRgzRVw

Maths questions    answers

PE - Target sports & games 1


Science: ice challenge - see Daily plan

Remember to email me later and send a quick Teams message if desperate! 

Have fun!

Mrs Madge



Wednesday 6th January

Morning children! There are LOTS and I mean LOTS of notes on the daily plan today.  Please read them all very carefully and respond appropriately! 

Daily Plan

Mrs M's Maths video          

Maths YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNQXhknSwrI 

Maths PowerPoint            Maths pdf          Maths worksheet


Science answers from yesterday - please mark you work and stick it in your green book. 

ICT lesson link: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/systems-cgvpad 

Extra ICT coding website: https://code.org/learn?fbclid=IwAR3je5aIUyIyeG0mIvIXofbuMgOFdZWOMSolXDEE-5-xV8mHH84I5SiMCgY

Have a good day and you know where I am if you need me!

Mrs M




Tuesday 5th January

Morning all! We weren't expecting this but we can do it....together! Remember, I am here for you if you need ANY help.  I will have children in school with me so can't reply straight away but will as soon as I can.

Please see the planning for today below.  Please make sure that you read all my information in the plans and in Teams letter and ask your parents to read my email. 

You do not need to print it all off! SAVE PAPER where you can. 

Daily plan 

Maths questions   Maths answers (don't look at until afterwards!)


This week's spelling lists

Year 3/4 words

You can find your year 5/6 words in your home-school diary.

Science questions       Science answers

I will try to read a chapter of the new book each day for you.  This might not start unitl tomorrow though!

Remember that I need lots of information from you at the end of the day so check the daily plan to see what I want you to email to me.

Mrs Madge








Please see my email about home-learning for the next week and a half.

SATs assessments - I suggest you don't print them most of them off, if possible - it's a lot of paper!

Maths arithmetic Paper 1        Reasoning Paper 2     Reasoning Paper 3    Maths answers

GPS Paper         Spelling answer booklet          spelling words to read out (Page 5/6)    GPS answers

Reading Booklet        Reading answer booklet to complete      I will mark these

Maths lessons videos and worksheets - fractions

Equivalent fractions   video: https://vimeo.com/466488832   worksheet    answers

Simplifying fractions   video:https://vimeo.com/467396285    worksheet    answers

Improper fractions to mixed numbers   video: https://vimeo.com/467394996 worksheet    answers

Mixed numbers to improper fractions   video:https://vimeo.com/468942374  worksheet    answers

Multiply fractions by integers   video:https://vimeo.com/475426110  worksheet    answers

Multiply fractions by fractions   video:https://vimeo.com/476253821    worksheet    answers


Wednesday 9th December

If you did the maths arithmetic assessment at home yesterday, please can you let me know what your score was. Over this week, I will be sorting out intervention and after school groups for next half term so will need to know how you did. There will be two more maths papers, a reading and a GPS paper, later on this week and next week. I really do need you to complete these tests so that I know what you can do. I don’t want you to have to do them after Christmas, if we can help it. It would also be a very good idea if you did the maths fraction lessons too, as otherwise you will find it harder in January to catch up on our fraction work.

Daily Plan

Maths arithmetic paper from yesterday

Maths video: https://vimeo.com/467394996    worksheet    answers

Discussion text to help you            Openers and conjunctions sheet        class discussion plan 

Spelling games link: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-3934.htm

Kevin the carrot YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL56Z5StIUY

Comprehension questions: Kevin the carrot

Have a good day and remember to let me know how you did in the assessment please. 

Mrs M




Tuesday 8th December

Please read all my notes on the daily plan before you start today's learning!

Daily Plan

Maths arithmetic paper

Spelling games link: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-3934.htm

Our class discussion plan from last week      Openers and conjunctions sheet   

My example of the first half of the discussion text

Have a good day.

Mrs M


Monday 7th December

I hope those of you at home have had a nice weekend.  It was lovely to managed to 'connect' with some of you on Teams on Friday - we will try again later in the week.   Below is planning for this week.

Daily plan 7th December

Maths video: https://vimeo.com/467396285 

Flashback 4 warm up questions in df            Flashback 4 in PP for the WHOLE week

Maths worksheet     answers    (If you didn't do the maths last week, I suggest you go back.  You NEED to do all the fractions work)

Spelling words to look at, discuss the meaning of and see if you can work out the spelling rule for.  

Spelling lists to learn this week

Our class discussion text plan in word    Discussion text plan as pdf  Good openers list

Reading comprehension questions: based on the new McDonalds' advert

Scratch Evaluation sheet:  Freya's example    blank one in word     as a pdf   

Have a good day! 

Mrs M 




Friday 4th December

Daily plan

Maths video: https://vimeo.com/466488832 

Maths PowerPoint with Mrs M talking over    Worksheet    Answers

Spelling Test

English - Pronouns PowerPoint   as pdf    Worksheet   Answers

French lesson   help sheet - sorry forgot to add last night!

Have a good day! Looking forward to seeing some of you back on Monday!

Mrs M



Thursday 3rd December

Daily Plan

Maths - see daily plan above - practical lesson

English - text with colours from yesterday's lesson to check

WW2 discussion text plan as pdf      in word

Reading - summarising part - see yesterday's question sheet. 

Spelling - keep practising those 'shus' words. 

PE, Art, History - see daily planning sheet. 

Have a good day. Hope to see you all soon.

Mrs M x



Wednesday 2nd December

Daily Plan

Maths video      PowerPoint      as pdf      shapes worksheet

Spelling - 'shus' words

English - discussion text

Reading - Retrieval and inference questions     answers in yesterday's resources 

Art - Graffiti art lesson

PESports Advent Calendar      12 Days of Christmas Challenge

History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRt5Mk6V8Gg CBBC evacuees programs

Have a good day all!  Remember to email me so I know how you are doing? 

Mrs M



Tuesday 1st December

Daily plan

Maths - Fractions Audit - how much can you remember? 

Spellings game: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-254207.htm

English - discussion texts as PowerPoint  as pdf    Text on its own

Reading - Tomb of the Unknown Warrior - vocabulary questions  (Sheet as the rest of the week's questions on it)    answers (for rest of the week) 

Art: Banksy powerpoint  as pdf

PE: Sports Advent Calendar      12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Have a good day everyone! 

Mrs M



Monday 30th November 

Daily plan - please make sure you read all of this! 

Maths PowerPoint  as pdf    My talk over video   maths worksheet     maths answers

Spelling - 'shus' PowerPoint  as pdf      worksheet         snap game 

Weekly spelling list 

Reading - Tomb of the Unknown Warrior text

ICT - Scratch see planning

RE - see planning 

Have a good day! Remember to bring all your work into school with you, if you are due back on Tuesday.  

Mrs M


Monday 23rd - Friday 27th November Planning overview

Friday's resources

Arithmetic paper   (You don't need to print it off)  answers 

Spelling test - please let me know your score

Reading 60 second reading comprehension - A letter home

English - write dairy entries - see notes from yesterday.  

French plan - Madam Pickford was pleased with the work that I forwarded to her last Friday. Make sure you do this week's so you don't get behind.  

PSHE - Positive aspects of myself and my work - see weekly plan


Some art work and music from yesterday and today.


Elysia's and Freya's artwork


Tegan's and Brooke's artwork

There are lots of others that I want to share, but it won't let me so we will share them all when we are back in school. 

Jess's music video

Daniel's music video

Have a good Friday and then enjoy the weekend. 

Mrs M



Thursday's Resources

Maths multiplication and division questions          answers 

Diary lesson notes for Thursday and Friday      Diary extracts for ideas

Wordsearch 'fer' spellings 

Reading - see the weekly plan

Art - see the weekly plan

PE - see the weekly plan

Thanks to those of you who have shared your music creations today.  I am sharing some here.  I hope you can open them! They are fab!  I can see that lots of you have been on Charanga today. Unfortunately, I can't work out how to listen to your music creations so do video them and email to me, if you haven't already done so.  





I need them to be saved as an mp3 or mp4 I think to work on here.  Ask Freya or Brooke if you need help!

Have a good day!


Wednesday's resources

Morning all!!  I'm so impressed with your home-learning.  You have been doing really well.  I had planned to share some of your art work this evening but have felt exhausted this evening so will do tomorrow.

Maths questions

Describing a character sheet

Prepositions lesson 1 Powerpoint    as pdf

Prepositional openers            Prepositional phrases    Complete 5-8 of each sheet

Music and RE lessons - see the weekly planning above.

Music - if you want to go on Yumu it is part of Charanga.  Google Yumu and then login using your Charanga password that should be in your home-school diary.  I have your login if you can't find it!

Have a good day.

Mrs M




Tuesday's resources

Good morning! 

Good work again today folks! Most people have emailed me.  Please do make sure that you do email me each afternoon.  Some of you are using your own email addresses, which is fine and saves you from bothering your parents! Very soon, I will give you all your own school email address so that will be easier. 

The first thing I asked you to do in Scratch on Monday was to add your proper name to your account so that I know whose is whose.  The instructions for how to do that are in my help sheet.  Thank you to the eight children who did it - 2 gems each! The rest of you, please can you do it now! Thanks. 

Maths weight PowerPoint    as pdf       worksheet          answers    Challenge cards

Reading: characterisation sheet  in word          as a pdf

Preposition PowerPoint  as a pdf       Preposition sort worksheet

Spelling: see planning overview above

Science: see planning overview above

Art: see planning overview above

Have a good day!

Mrs M



Monday's resources

Good morning! I hope you have all had a good weekend, even though you have had to stay at home.  The overview for this week's lessons is above and today's plans are below.  I hope you have a good day.  Remember it is easier for me, if you can email all your work together in one email, at the end of the day.

Thanks.  Mrs M 

Spelling BBC link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zqqsw6f/articles/zcsyjty

Weekly spelling list   (Group C and D both have group C spellings)    Spelling worksheet 

Spelling group A - You can choose to do the activities linked with the 'fer' spelling pattern or read this sheet here.

Scratch lesson help sheet     Freya's Scratch quiz help sheet





Good morning children.  I am so sorry that we have had to close the lovely Emerald Bubble. Let's hope that the next two weeks whiz by and we can be back together having fun with our learning.  Make sure you share your learning with me and send me some videos to amuse me too!  Maybe even some of those terrible jokes - I won't mention who that is aimed at!!!

Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th November Planning overview

Friday's resources

Good morning all! Hope you are all OK.  First of all, I want to say how impressed I am with you all for working so hard this week.  Please say thank you to your parents too, if they have been helping you.  I know that it is difficult for them too, especially if they are trying to work from home or you have younger siblings at home too.   I am impressed with the photos of work you are sending in and love the photos and videos too! Please do share them - your circuits videos and songs really made me smile!  Please keep them coming! If you are finding it hard to get motivated, you are probably not alone.  Remember that this shouldn't be for too much longer and then we can all be back in class together again.   Be patient with your parents if they are trying to help too!!

I'm hoping that today's lessons won't take too long.  Madam Pickford has set you a French task.  Please make sure that you complete that and email it to me so I can send it on to her.  I will save it as a pdf and word document so you can type directly onto the sheet if you have Microsoft word at home. 

I was hoping to share some more of your videos on here tonight but I am having technical problems!  If I don't manage to work it out over the weekend, I will share them when we are back together in school.

Maths PowerPoint  as pdf     Worksheet    Answers      If you find this tricky, just have a go at doing a couple from column one and three.  Maybe have a little look at the answers if it helps you to understand.  Basically, you just need to multiply or divide by 1000!

English help sheet - you NEED to read this

Spellings for the test - please get your parents to test you, then let me know the score later. 

French worksheet

I hope you have a good day.

Mrs Madge 




Thursday's resources and work to share

Maths PowerPoint    as pdf     Flashback 4 powerpoint      as pdf

Spelling wordsearch

Tips for Newspaper report writing from Wednesday's marking. READ this before Thursday's English

Another newspaper report WAGOLL to give you help

Reading comprehension - remember if you find the text hard to read, your parents can read it to you.

Rationing activity sheet

Circuit training sheet

Freya and Brooke's work for ideas

Aiden's Anti-bullying rap

Jess optical illusion work

I'm sure there is lots more great work still to come but I am exhausted so need to have a rest.  I will share some more tomorrow.  Sorry.

Mrs M




Wednesday's resources

Assembly Powerpoint  as pdf

Maths PowerPoint    as pdf         Maths worksheet  as pdf        Maths worksheet answers

English newspaper report planning sheet    Newspaper report WAGOLL

Newspaper report Orientation examples. 

Reading - 60 second read

Science lesson sheet

Anti-bully Assembly link for song for music lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AUB79YxkwQ&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3DAxvn7zllIBMn1eHtTyxAUfHuZvkaUSMdyjvaHobLgoJDWoygufVbXLs

Anti-bullying song lyrics

I hope that's all! Have a good day.




Tuesday 17th November

Hello all.  Hope you are all well.  You had a brilliant day of home learning yesterday - I a so proud of you all.  

Today, you might find some bits easy and some bits not so.  All I ask is that you have a go at them all.  As you know, I am home tomorrow, planning for the rest of the week and ready to help you, if you need me.  Your Scratch login details should be in your home-school diary! 

Have a good day! Send us a video of you doing some dancing to the 'Anti-bullying song', if you watch the assembly video! Euan was our best Rocker in class today! 

I haven't got an answer sheet for the maths but will endeavour to create one in the morning so you can mark your area and perimeter work.  If possible can you please email you work in a separate email, rather than replying to previous ones, so it is easier for me to keep tack of your emails.  

Thanks.  Have a good day.


Daily Plan in word  Daily plan in pdf

Maths PowerPoint  as PowerPoint  as pdf

Maths Worksheet      as pdf

English Grammar PowerPoint  as PowerPoint    as pdf

Grammar worksheet  as word   as pdf

Anne Frank questions  Level 1  Level 2  Level 3

Scratch help sheet

Page border for WW2 recipe write up




Monday 16th November Daily plan: in word     as pdf

Link for Bullying assembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AUB79YxkwQ&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3DAxvn7zllIBMn1eHtTyxAUfHuZvkaUSMdyjvaHobLgoJDWoygufVbXLs 

Maths Powerpoint:  as PP     as pdf

Maths worksheet: as pdf    Answers

Squared paper link: squared paper

English lesson: in word  as pdf

Fronted adverbials: sheet

Anne Frank text: Level 1  Level 2  Level 3

Art links: Powerpoint  in pdf

The Art illusions are better in the PowerPoint

Drawing a 3D hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faAX37XzvnM

Drawing a 3D sphere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZfj81PEn9o

Drawing a 3D hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnZQYXPJnXU

Drawing a 3D hole and stairs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcWLe_f-wQk

Drawing a 3D ladder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAq2X-0FbGM

PE: Circuits: sheet

I hope you all have a good first day of home learning.  We will miss you. email me if I can help at all. 

Mrs Madge 

Hanson Box Competition

Here is the link to the Hanson Box Competition that I will talk about in class this week: https://hansonbox.org/competition-essay/

I have written the key information below:

Key Stage 2: students aged 7-11 (school years 3-6)

Task: In 500 words: what was the most important invention of the 20th century, and what do you think the most important one of the 21st century might be, and why?

How did your chosen 20th century invention impact human society and the environment? Did it bring any negative side effects? What impacts could your 21st century invention bring?

Competition entries are to be submitted digitally via the form below.

This competition has the following prize categories for winning students:

1st prize: £500 book vouchers / learning resources

2nd prize: £300 book vouchers / learning resources

3rd prize: £200 book vouchers / learning resources

PLUS the schools of ALL prize winners receive £1,000 each to use towards a field trip or excursion:

This competition will close on December 31st, 2020.

Winners will be announced in January 2021.

Good Luck!

Useful websites for practising key skills at home

Maths websites for home practice:

  • TTRockstars
  • Daily 10
  • Hit the button
  • The Maths Shed (free on apple app store)
  • Top Marks

PE/Well-being ideas for activities

Recommended reads

I love reading and really want the children to experience this too.  I know that sometimes it is tricky to find books that you like so I have shared some ideas below.  I hope that you will let me know books that you have liked too so that I can share them on here. 

I find these two websites good for looking for book ideas:  

  • ‘Love reading4kids.co.uk’ is a great website where you can look for books using age range.  I find this often helps to choose appropriate books.  You can read an extract from them too. 
  • ‘Booksfortopics.com’ is also a good website where you can choose books by age and topic. 

I have not read many of these books but they come recommended by other year 6 teachers.  Obviously, I recommend you find out a little bit more about each book/series before you buy them, in case you don’t think they are appropriate for your child.   

  • Alex Rider series – Anthony Horowitz 
  • Eragon Series 
  • Hobbit 
  • Percy Jackson series 
  • Malorie Blackman books 
  • Young Bond – Charlie Higson 
  • Titch – Simon Mayo 
  • The 1000 year-old boy 
  • Katherine Rundell books 
  • Murder most unladylike  
  • The Northern lights – Phillip Pullman 
  • The Spooks Apprentice series – Joseph Delaney 
  • Ross Welford books 
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce books 
  • Skulduggery Pleasant series 
  • The Dark Wild Series 

Freya’s recommendations

  • Robin Stevens – A murder most unladylike series
  • Holly Smale – the Valentines
  • Jean Ure – Strawberry Crush
  • Rachel Hamilton – the case of the exploding Loo/Brains
  • Matt Haig – A Boy called Christmas / The girl who saved Christmas
  • Lauren Child books
  • Tom Fletcher books
  • PL Travers – Mary Poppins
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce – The Astounding Broccoli boy

Help sheets

Click here for a Grammar help sheet to explain and give examples of grammar vocabulary for year 6.

Click here for a Scratch help sheet. 

Maths Help Sheets

Adding and subtracting fractions


Multiplying fractions

Dividing fractions


Finding fractions of amounts


 Simplifying Fractions


Simple percentages

The Four Operations






Short division

Long Division


 Autumn Term 2020

Emerald Class Celebration of Learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS1AxS1fx5E&feature=youtu.be



Week 9

The weeks seem to be flying by this half term and everyone had been working hard.  We are developing our skills needed for writing newspapers so next week, we can start to write one about evacuation. 

In maths we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and then using this to multiply by multiples of 10 on Friday.  

We have finished our John Piper paintings and the detail added in black pen has been very effective.  I will post some photos on here soon.  

Week 8

We've had another busy week in Emerald Class! We have learnt the importance of BIDMAS, when carrying out calculations and carried out some tricky problem solving related to it! 

We have been reminding ourselves of the features of a good newspaper report so that we are ready to start to write our own about evacuation next week.

Our John Piper paintings are nearly finished - we just need to add the detail onto them in black pen.  Then we will be ready to start out sewing experience! Mrs Madge is wondering how we will be at threading needles!! 

Happy weekend everyone!

Week 7

We have had the second course of Bikeability this week and the children enjoyed the days, especially the final bike ride.  During maths, we have been exploring prime numbers.  The low ones are easy to remember but we had to use our times tables to help us to find the larger ones!

We have been using our knowledge of the events of the Blitz to write a narrative poem.  It was quite tricky! 

We have enjoyed the first 7 weeks in Emerald Class and are looking forward to our holiday.

We hope you all have a good week.

Lily-Rose and Ruby


Week 6

On Monday half the class did Bikeability and on Tuesday we spit up into 2 groups and 6 went in the morning and the other half did it in the afternoon.  They rode around the village on their bikes, learning how to stay safe, particularly at junctions. Thank you to Mrs Attwood and Mrs Kanka for the help and to the instructors.

Freya said, "It was super fun on the second day."

Ruby said, "It was one of the best days in school."

Lucas said, "I really enjoyed it."

Euan said, "It was really awesome!"


Whilst some were doing Bikeability, the rest of the class explored the different shelters used in World War 2.   We developed our IT skills, learning how to create tables in Microsoft Word, producing a table to compare the different shelters.  We also started to add water colours to our John Piper sketches of the church.  They are beginning to look amazing. 


In maths this week we have started finding common factors and multiple. Our tables have been helping us! 


We have also started to write about the Blitz in prose, ready to convert it to a narrative poem.  We have found it a bit tricky to write in the present tense, which is how the poem we are writing in the style of is written.  We are getting better though and will finish next week. 


Lily-Rose and Ruby


Week 5

This week we have been carrying on our learning about World War 2.  Thanks for your help on the amazing outfits - they were wonderful and with the lunch too - they were brilliant!

Another massive thanks to the museum workers who gave us 3 different activities to do.  They included: air raids siren practice, stirrup pump/home guard activity, rationed food and what an evacuee would have taken with them when evacuated to the country.  And did you all didn’t know that in the war, the babies had to were a fall body gas mask. Mrs Madge has said he pretend air raids will continue through the topic.  We have added tape to the windows to protect them from shattering, if a bomb explodes nearby and we have blackout blinds, ready to put up in the event of an air raid.  

Whilst we were dressed up in our WW2 outfits, we took photos of each other and then used the photo editing app on the ipads to change them into sepia style photos. 

In English this week we have been starting to write poems about the Blitz and we have came up with fantastic vocabulary like: chaotic, chaos, missiles launching here and there, blazing inferno and emerging. Our poems started with adverbial openers, which helped to structure them well.  

In Maths this week we have been starting to tackle division.  We are once again realising how important it is to know our times tables.

Have a nice weekend.

Lily-Rose & Ruby

Week 4

Children, read below to find your code word!

We have had another good week in Emerald Class, with lots of learning.  We have moved onto multiplication in Maths and can pretty much multiply any numbers you give us now!!  We have found out about the Blitz and how badly London and other cities were affected.  We imagined that we were in London in the Blitz and had to shelter in an Anderson Shelter.  It has really made us feel a bit more grateful for our homes!

We have started our science topic about the circulatory system and learnt about why the heart is so important to us! 

We are looking forward to our WW2 workshop next Wednesday, when we will dress up in World War 2 style clothing, to get into the role of children in the war.  

An extra little challenge for you this weekend:

Can you make a World War 2 style lunch for Wednesday’s WW2 day?  Do some research over the weekend and see what they would have eaten.  Maybe make a cake or some biscuits. They certainly wouldn’t have had any processed food!  What would their food have been put in? It wouldn’t have been a plastic lunch box!  I look forward to seeing what your lunch looks like!

The code word is Chocolate


Week 3

We started the week with code breaking, using Caesar and Pigpen cyphers to find out about our topic for this term.  It is called 'We Will Meet Again' and is looking at children and how they were affected by World War Two.  Our class novel is 'Goodnight Mr Tom' so we have started to read that, along with watching the film, to find out what it was like for William, when he left London and moved to the countryside.  We have pretended to be William and written a letter to our mother in London, having settled into Mr Tom's house.  The children have done brilliantly using emotive language to show how both characters felt about the changing circumstances.  

In Maths, we have moved onto calculations, revising addition and subtraction of whole and decimal numbers.  We are learning the importance of careful calculating and checking, to ensure our answers are accurate! 


Week 2

The children have settled back into school really well over the last two weeks and made a great start in Emerald Class.  We have used two books to base our learning around over the two weeks: 'Here we are' and 'Where the wild things are.'

We used 'Where we are' to help us to think about how we are all different but equally important and special.  We also talked about how important it is to be kind to everyone around us.  The children came up with lots of ideas for how they could be kind at home and school.  I hope that some of you have seen evidence of this at home! Maybe they have offered to do the washing, empty the dishwasher or tidy their room without being asked?!

We used 'Where the wild things are' to revise some of our Year 5 grammar work.  The children drew their own 'Wild things' for our cloakroom display and then wrote expanded noun phrases, direct speech and descriptive writing to add to the display.  

We have enjoyed outdoor learning too, including team games, PE, treasure hunts and maths lessons in the quiet garden.  

We hope you all have a restful weekend. 





Hello Parents and Children of Emerald Class

We hope that you have had a good summer holidays and are ready for the new school year.  We have been busy getting the school ready for your return and are very much looking forward to seeing you all.  Things will be slightly different from last year so I have created a quick video to show you and explain what you need to do on Monday.  I understand that it is going to be a bit strange for most of you, as you haven't been to school since March.  However, I am sure that once you have been back for a few days, you will feel more confident and ready for a great year! 

Along with Jet Class, you need to arrive at school between 8:40 and 8:50am each morning and make your way around the side of our building, entering the classroom through the fire exit.  I will be there to meet you.  

Please click the link below to watch my 'Welcome back to Emerald Class' video.

Mrs Madge


Move up information 2020-2021


Roles and responsibilities for Year 6

I mentioned today that I wanted you to have a think about what roles you might want in September.  This is a document which explains the different roles that we have had this year.  I assume that it will be pretty similar next year.  I suggest that you have a look and have a think about what you might like to get involved in.  I will talk about it more in September so don't rush to do anything yet - it's just there to get you thinking over the summer! 

Roles list

Mrs Madge 



Hello Children of the current Jet Class!

Below is a short video from Mrs Attwood and myself to answer some of your questions about what it will be like in Emerald Class in September.  I apologise for the quality of the video.  Mrs A and I had to film it outside, as we are in different bubbles, and it was a rather windy day! You may need to turn your volume up!!!

I hope that as many of you as possible can come along on Thursday afternoon to 'say goodbye' to Miss Green and 'hello to me.'  See below for the timings, which are organised depending on your surname.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow people into the other groups. 

If we don't see you on Thursday, we hope you have a good summer and we look forward to welcoming the children to Emerald Class in September. 

Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood



Hello Parents of the current Jet Class!

Welcome to Emerald Class and thank you for your children's letters! The time has come to find out a little more about what life is like for children in Year 6. Please find below a video (about 15 minutes long) which will hopefully give you all the information you may need to know.  If there is anything you didn't understand or if you have any further questions or comments please feel free to email me at emerald@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk.