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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Diamond Class

Welcome to Year 4!  On a Monday and Tuesday we have Mrs Coling as our teacher and for the rest of the week we have Mr Francis.

W/C o7/07

This week we have been continuing our fantastic textiles wrok. They are looking great and we have all learnt new skills creating them.The Lion King has been fantastic this week and we are looking forward to our final performance tonight. It has been hard work, but worth it.

In literacy we are writing a spooky story. We have enjoyed discussing the mystery and trying not to reveal the culprit too early. We have been including expanded noun phrases to create our scene and practiced using shorter sentences to build suspense. 

In maths we have finished learning about shapes and have managed to draw and sort different types of quadrilaterals. We have also been able to find the missing interior angles. 

W/C 05/07

This week in year 4, amongst the play rehearsals and sports day we have been writing descriptive scenes and learning all about shape. Sports day was amazing! Everybody had som much fun and showed great sportsmanship throughout. Everybody competed well and supported each other. 

We have worked hard in art to create our rainforest textiles. They are looking brilliant and will hopefully be finished soon. 

In Maths we have been learning all about shapes. We've been looking at equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles. We know that all the interior angles must add up to 180 degrees. We then looked at quadrilaterals shapes and are trying to recognise squares, rectangles, rhombus, parallelograms, trapeziums and kites. We've been learning all about the different propertiens to help us tell the difference. 

We are really excited about the play next week and cant wait to see some of you there watching. 

W/C 09.06

On Thursday Year 4 visited the Living Rainforest near Newbury. It was a long bus ride to get there but all the children behaved wonderfully and there weren't too many complaints during the journey. Whilst engaged in the experiences, the children were engaged and eager to learn. There were some amazing plants and animals to see, whilst the tour guides were knowledgeable and engaging with the children. Everybody enjoyed the trip and have been keenly discussing their experience as they write a recount of their trip. Mr Francis and Mrs Coling would like to thank the parents for waking up especially early to get their children to school ready for the coach, and the extra adults that helped during the trip. Everyone had a lovely time and represented the school fantastically.

W/C 20.050

During the last 2 weeks the children in year 4 have learnt all about time, using 12 and 24 hour clocks. This week we have been studying money and comparing the amounts. It has been useful to practice using our decimal places again which we learnt about earlier in the term. 

Our Haiku's have been written and displayed on the classroom wall. All the adults in the classroom were impressed with the variety, description and imagination of the rainforest poems created. The children seem to have enjoyed the writing and taken on the concepts well.

Our topic work is enthusiastically discussed each day and the children are all taking on board the amazing facts they are learning. The Rainforest is a beautiful place and through our research we are now clearer on the plant and animal species that live there, the effects of deforestation and the impact humans are having. We intend to write persuasive letters to the PM sharing our research and ideas. It has been suggested by class members that we use a material other than paper to send our letters as we would like to save the trees.


W/C 29.04

Year 4 have been busy using the information they found to create a leaflet this week to teach others about the layers of the Amazon Rainforest. They have all taken a keen interest in the topic and have an opinion on everything! As a class there has been great depth to their understanding and often class discussions have led to adults in the room learning something new. 

In numeracy the children have been completing their work on decimals. It has been important that they understand the place value of each digit so that they are able to order and compare them. Converting fractions to decimals has been hard to conquer but each child is working hard to recognize equivalent fractions so that they are able to write halves and quarters as decimal numbers. 


W/C 22.04

After a 2 week break year 4 have been working really hard again this week introducing a ne topic. We are investigating the Amazon Rain forest and have been creating a WOW display in the classroom with the children. We've been researching different aspects of the rain forest to prepare ourselves to write our own fact file. We have looked at location, climate, species of plants and animals that live there, it's physical features and why it is so important.

In Math we have continued our learning about decimals. We have been learning that we can make a whole number when adding 2 or more decimals together. We have practiced adding decimals and reminded ourselves about the place value of each digit. 

Everybody enjoyed 'Scoot Fit' and showed off some incredible skills. Everybody felt compelled to join in and confidently rode with a big smile on their face. 

W/C 01.04

Diamond class have been very busy over the last 2 weeks. We would like to thank all parents that attended our celebration of learning last week and hope you enjoyed the work that has been done this term. The children were fantastic, putting on a presentation, sharing their work and trying new foods. Although the cheese was not a winner.

In literacy this week we have created our own stories using all the skill that we have learned. Our stories are full of description and interesting characters. With an almost limitless imagination the class have all created very different stories that will captivate the reader. 

In Math we have revised some key methods from previous terms and this term. Some reminding throughout the year has been beneficial and we are all much more confident now. 

Lots of things have taken place at school this week and we have enjoyed sharing a poem to the entire school for our poetry slam entry. The children worked together to create actions to help us recite our poem from memory.  

Throughout the week we have been busy cooking in groups to experience new foods that meet special dietary requirements. The majority tried everything and were complimentary about the different foods. Again, all recipes couldn't possibly be liked by all but it was lovely to see everyone trying.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter

W/C 15th March

The Diamond class children have spent this week creating some fantastic stories. They revisited some of the grammar taught over the year and used this in their writing. We have been using interesting words to describe nouns and verbs whilst expanding our description. We've watched video clips to inspire our writing and used different images to help us create our own story openings.

We'e gotten much better using fractions this week and have been finding equivalent fractions as well as finding a whole number when given a fraction. Everybody has worked really hard!

There's been some dancing and some ICic andT, which many children have flourished in. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our safer internet meeting Monday night. 

W/C 4th March

In diamond class we celebrated this years 'Word Day' in style. The children's costumes were fantastic and clearly there had been a lot of thought and effort put in. It was great fun to explore different words, find synonyms and creating definitions for words our teachers hadn't heard before. Everyone participated in our cross class activities with Sapphire to 'Beat the Library'. 

We continue to press on with our understanding of fractions. We are showing our resilience and improving our understanding all the time. Being able to use fractions of numbers and find the whole is a battle we will win. Using bar models has helped this week to understand our part, whole and equal. 

We deepening our understanding of story writing. We have continued to improve our vocabulary and describe the key components of a good story. After describing the setting last week we have now been describing the characters of our story. The children were all able to describe and draw character from a description with a partner. When adding characters into our story we are attempting to show and not tell our keen readers. This means that we keep our story moving in a fluent manner and find interesting adverbs or adjectives to describe emotions and appearances without using the word. 

W/C 25th February

After a quick half term break we have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Over the coming weeks we will be writing a story so have been practicing our setting descriptions this week. We have been using interesting vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. We have written serene and spooky scenes. Our writing is improving each day and we are remembering to include everything we need to be fantastic authors. 

In Math we have continued using fractions and have a greater understanding now of adding and subtracting them. We have been practicing equivalent fractions and hope to become better at this over the next week. 

It has been a busy week. Thank you to everyone that attended our inspire. I know the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the support that you gave them. It was a pleasure to have you working with us in the school. We have now started to build your creations using the book creator app on the Ipads.

On Thursday we ran our house cross country. Each child gave their all and supported each other throughout making all the staff extremely proud.

 W/C 21st January


W/C 14th January

During our Math lessons we have been multiplying 3 numbers together and finding the most efficient method to do this. We will soon be able to do this mentally in our heads!

We've continued to write in literacy to persuade people to look after their teeth and the dangers of eating and drinking too much  sugar. 

During our topic we have investigated different animal teeth and had both shark and boar teeth in our classroom. They were very different. 

In PE we are doing gymnastics and have been jumping off of benches onto mats. We were pulling all kinds of crazy shapes as we jumped. We are learning to keep our balance and become more coordinated. 

W/C 7th January

After a good break over the Christmas holidays we have been introducing our topic fro this term. We will be looking at teeth and how to look after them. The children are excited to investigate the inside of their mouths and have shared some wonderful questions to be investigated. 

We have now completed our times tables up to 12. We have been practicing using different activities including board games and rapping along with a times table unicorn. 

 In PE we were investigating different ways we could move our body to get from one mat to another in the hall. Some of them were really funny. 


You are What you Eat!

Spring 2018

Term 3 and 4

10 Weeks

Learning Experience 1 (Literacy)

Healthy Teeth – Research types of teeth and ways to keep them healthy.  Research sugary drinks and effects on teeth. Lead a campaign in school using video.

Learning Experience 2 (STEM)

Digestion Game – Learn about the process of digestion and create a Scratch 2-player game which replicates the digestion process.  Use sensors and controllers within programming.

Learning Experience 3 (DT)

Healthy Recipes – Design and cook a balanced meal with a special focus on different dietary requirements.  (Soup)

Learning Experience 4

N/A this term

Curriculum Drivers:

Science, Literacy, Maths

3 Weeks

Curriculum Drivers:

Science, ICT

3 Weeks

Curriculum Drivers:

DT, Literacy, Science

4 Weeks



Core Value Driver (T3)


Key Skill

Enquiry Skills

Core Value Driver (T4)


Key Skill

Information Processing


How clean are your teeth? Dentists for the day. Looking at teeth, recording individual tooth record, how to clean teeth, use tooth tablets to check cleanliness.

Educational Visit/or

N/A this term – bigger trip planned for Summer term!



Create a food wheel showing the value and quantity of food we should be eating/ Look at packaging and the quantity of sugar and salt.


Celebration of Learning

Sharing the tooth campaign with parents, children putting forward their pitch for healthy drinks.  Sharing recipes and maybe taste the soup..


·          Explanation Texts- digestive system

·          Writing to Persuade- looking after teeth

·          Speaking and Listening- video

·          Instructions – recap- how to brush your teeth


·          Causal conjunctions

·          Conjunctions for time

·          Apostrophe for contraction

·          Pronouns

·          Possessive pronouns

·          Determiners



·          Multiplication and Division

·          Data Handling

·          Fractions

·          Measures



Unit 1 – Mamma Mia!

Structure of songs. Music and styles of the 70s and 80s, analysing performance, Sweden as a country.


Unit 4 - Benjamin Britten - Cuckoo!

Benjamin Britten (Western Classical music), Folk, Big Band Jazz.  The historical context of Jazz and Folk music.


T3 – Dance (Coach)

       Gymnastics (Teacher)


T4 – Health and Fitness (Coach)

       Tennis (Teacher)


·          Unit 2b & c) What can we learn from the life & teaching of Jesus?

·          Unit 2d) Easter Story and unit 4ii) Lent and Easter



My body & health problems

·          Masc/fem nouns. Plural endings.

·          Revision of words for number 1-12

·          Mardi gras, compared to local carnival. French creperie activity?

·          Alphabet &spelling Famous French people’s names

·          Revision of days of week & colours

·          Grandmere denise story (class read

·          Numbers 13-30 (+revision of 1-12)

·          Easter traditions

Qualities and Values


T3 – Going for Goals, Active Role as Citizens

T4 – Good to be me, Developing Confidence

W/C 3rd December

This week we have been writing a story about a lighthouse keeper. we have been looking to include all of the exciting words we found ourselves during last week. We are writing our stories to be sent to the OLC. We learnt how to build suspense in our stories by using short sentences and resolving our problems too soon. 

We have been working hard to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000, 1 and 0 this week. We not which direction to move our numbers and when to add a place holder. Through this work we have looked at decimal numbers and what happens when our number won't divide into a whole number. 

During our art lessons we have been creating Kandinsky inspired paintings. There have been some really lovely paintings. We also continued to stay fit and healthy this week and have something to share with parents next week. 

W/C 26th November

We have been exploring lots of different and exciting vocabulary that we can add to our writing to make it more interesting. We have used Thesauruses and worked in teams to expand our vocabulary including adjectives, verbs and adverbs. All this work will help us to write our own stories.

We have learnt all about 4 digit numbers and are confident when subtracting or adding. 

We have had lots of fun staying fit and healthy through Zumba. This is a type of exercise people do to stay fit through dancing. 

W/C 19th November

This week in Diamond class we have been learning to solve 2 step Math problems. We searched through the texts to retrieve and unpick the clues given. We recognize different terms and understand which calculation is needed. 

In PE we followed an exercise class and led our own warm up using every part of our body. It was lots of fun!

In literacy we have written our Newspaper reports to include correct speech, punctuation, time adverbials, exciting vocabulary and all written in the past tense! All of our Newspaper reports are written in the third person. We have been checking through our work and editing to up level our writing.

W/C 12th November

 In year 4 we have been exploring the carnival and it's history. Using our knowledge we have become reporters for this year's event, working hard to include quotes and a variety of description in our writing to make it more exciting.

In Maths we have mastered subtraction and addition with numbers to 10,000. We have been learning subtraction using the column method for 4 digit numbers.

In P.E. we did circuit training  and in ICT we have been making things on Hopscotch and writing paragraphs. 








Autumn Term

'Here Comes the Carnival' is our theme for this term.  We have been learning all about the Bridgwater Carnival.  This has included how it began and how it has evolved and changed over the years.  We have been looking at different ways to find out about the past and where different information can be found locally.

We enjoyed creating the carnival masks for the town celebration.  One was based on Guy Fawkes and the other was inspired by Africa and our school links with the OLC school in Kenya.  We are very proud of them both!



 This week we have been focussing on addition and subtraction.  We have recapped mental strategies and have been deciding which methods are quickest to use.  This isn’t always the column method!  We have also been practising our joined handwriting and trying to make sure all of our letters are correctly formed.  Yesterday, we looked at fronted adverbials and how we can use them to improve out writing.

We were set the task of planning a science experiment.  We are going to be investigating which materials are conductors and which are insulators.  We have planned what equipment we will be using and how we make sure it is a fair test.  Next week, we will carry out the experiment.  Today we will be mostly baking!  We need to make the toffee apples and gingerbread biscuits ready for the bake sale on Monday.  Please come along and support our enterprise project.  All of the profits will go to the OLC.

We are all looking forward to the Carnival on Saturday night!  We are hoping to see lots of photographs next week.


We would like to start by thanking everyone who came and bought some gingerbread or a toffee apple this week.  We had a few problems with the toffee apples.  The ones that we made on Friday didn’t last too well so had to be re-made on Monday.  Unfortunately, some of the second batch got stuck together so we couldn’t sell as many as we had first planned.  However, we are very pleased to say that we made £56.50 profit overall which will be going to help children at the OLC school in Kenya.

In class we carried out our science investigation and came to the conclusion that only metals are conductors of electricity.  This is why the wires in plugs and cables are covered in plastic or rubber.  They are insulators and so protect us from getting electric shocks.  We also started our DT project which is to make a model carnival cart.  So far we have learned the skills of measuring, cutting, sanding and joining wood together.  We are very excited to continue this next week!


This week we have been continuing to work on written methods for addition and subtraction.  Miss Williams has been impressed with our ability to use the methods but we need to try not to rush and make simple mistakes in our work.  We have started to plan out our newspaper reports and today we are going to be writing questions that we want to ask people in order to get quotes that we can use in our reports.  We spent time thinking about possible catchy headlines that could be used.  Our favourites were ‘Gremlins Gallop to Glory’ and ‘Spectacular Squibbing’.

Most of our afternoons have been spent on our DT project.  We have completed the frames for our carnival carts and need to finish adding the wheels today.  It has been a real learning experience with lots of WWWs and EBIs.  We realised how important it is to measure and cut accurately.  This is much harder than it looks!  Also cutting a straight line is tricky.  However, we are pleased with results – even if we had to creatively overcome some of the problems!


This week we braved the chilly weather to continue out basketball skills outside.  We recapped passing and dribbling skills and moved onto shooting techniques.  Next week we are going to think about playing as a team and how to move around the court effectively.  In Literacy we have been refining our skills as journalists and been producing our own newspaper reports on the computers.  We have evaluated them and are already keen to write another so we can put in all the improvements we would like to make.

Diamond Class received some great news this week.  Our carnival masks were awarded first and second place in the Bridgwater competition.  We are over the moon with that result!  Mrs Rich went to the EDF shop in Angel Place yesterday where all of the masks are currently being displayed.  One of the members of staff said that four out of the five judges put both of our masks in the top three places and so we were awarded the top spots.  Thanks to everyone for their input on the great designs and taking such care with the decorating.


Thank you to all of the parents who managed to make it to our Celebration of Learning assembly this morning.  We loved having you there!  It was lovely to share all of our learning with you.  It was also great to hear how impressed you were with our clear speaking and detailed writing.


Spring Term


Welcome back!  We hope you all had a nice Christmas and new year.  We have been excited to be back in Diamond Class this week.  Our new theme is called ‘You are what you eat’.  We kick started it by making scientific observations of our mouths, naming and identifying the different types of teeth and finding out what their functions are in our mouths.  We then read a book called ‘What if you had animal teeth?’ which told us all about different types of teeth in animals and what they are needed for.

Yesterday we started looking at different drinks that we like to drink.  We collected information from the rest of the class.  Miss Williams set us the challenge of coming up with our own way of recording all of the information.  Today we will use Microsoft Excel to create bar charts which show the information.  We also explored the packaging and advertising behind Yazoo milkshakes to see how they persuade people to buy their products.  We decided that their target audience was children.  We really liked the humour they used in their adverts.

We also welcomed our new arrival this week.  Norman the Syrian hamster has very much enjoyed his first week in Diamond Class!


This week we have been exploring persuasive writing.  We have read different persuasive texts and started to write some of our own.  In Numeracy we have been practising our 6x tables.  Today we will be looking at our 9s.  We are getting much faster at recalling the multiplication and division facts. 

Yesterday we explored how we brush our teeth.  We brought our toothbrushes into school and followed actually brushing our teeth with writing instructions on how we should brush our teeth.  We have also been looking at the labels of drinks bottles and finding out exactly what is in our favourite drinks.  This morning we are going to start an experiment to test the effects of these drinks on our teeth.

Last week, Miss Williams entered a Twitter competition to try and win a signed Abi Elphinstone poster and bookmark, to celebrate the release of her new book Sky Song.  We are very pleased to say that she won! 

After writing to the publisher to explain that Diamond Class have been so excited about the small parts of her stories that we have read so far that we want her as our author, the publisher has also sent us a complete set of all the books she has written so far – including the newly released Sky Song.  We can’t wait to start reading them!

We have set up out science experiment to see what effects different drinks have on our teeth.  We are testing coke, lemonade, milk, water, milkshake, squash, Lucozade, Red Bull, Fruit Shoot apple juice and orange juice.  Which do you think will cause the most damage to our teeth and which would you choose to be the healthiest?




This week we have been continuing to practise our times tables.  We have realised that they do get easier if you practise them more often!  We have been able to use them to find division facts and solve worded problems.  In Literacy we have been writing persuasive texts.  Mrs Coling tricked us into thinking that Mrs KB was shortening playtimes so we all wrote excellent letters to persuade her otherwise.

On Wednesday we got to look at the effects of the sugary drinks on the eggs.  We were horrified at how some of them had changed!  It has really made us think twice about what we drink and how important it is to look after our teeth.  Next week we are going to share our findings with the whole school.


This week we have completed our pieces of persuasive writing.  We edited our own work and got to show off our handwriting when Miss Williams allowed us to use pen to write it up.  We had to take a lot of care not to make mistakes.  It really made us think carefully about what we were doing and focus on our work.  Also this week, we have been learning how to use a written method for solving multiplication problems.  We have all realised how important it is to know our times tables facts and have been doing a good job at remembering them.

We had fun in gymnastics on Tuesday when we used some of the larger equipment.  Lots of us overcame our fears to climb higher up the A frames and travel along the high bar.  Everyone did a great job!  On Wednesday afternoon we started to find out about the digestive system.  First we had to draw diagrams of what we thought happened inside our bodies. Then we watched a cartoon clip which explained what happened.  Yesterday, we carried out an investigation which simulated what happens inside our bodies.  It looked kind of disgusting!  Today we will watch a real video of what happens inside our digestive system.


This week we have been mastering our 11 and 12 times tables.  At first, we thought they were going to be really tricky but once we stopped and thought about all of the things we know about place value, we realised there were easier ways to tackle solving them, such as using partitioning.

We carried out an independent extended write to share all we know about the digestive system in humans.  The challenge was to try and show Miss Williams all of the skills we have learned this year.  We certainly tried our best to wow her!

On Wednesday we pitched our campaign to the rest of the school.  We shared all that we have learned about sugary drinks, how to identify them and what their effects are to our teeth.  Our catchy slogan ‘Rethink Your Drink’ was very appropriate as everyone was shocked by some of the information we shared.  We gave everyone stickers to help them remember what we had said.  Hopefully people will think twice now before guzzling too much coke!


This week, Diamond Class have mostly been cooking and eating!  We celebrated our recent homework projects by sharing what we had been doing at home in the kitchen.  We all spoke about the dishes we had chosen to cook for our families.  Everyone presented their recipes in different ways but we were all about to explain how we cooked our meals for our families.

Over the last few days, people have brought in samples of their cooking for us all to try.  We have been lucky enough to sample several different recipes for spaghetti bolognaise, prawn cocktail and two chocolate cakes.  We also got to try some new dishes from Latvia, Africa and the Philippines.  They were delicious!

Yesterday we finally got to prepare and cook our dishes for people with different dietary requirements.  We cooked cod pieces with breadcrumbs and a lemon and dill dip, lactose free chicken korma and rice, gluten free Asian chicken and veggie wraps.  To wash it down, we also made orange spritzers and berry smoothies!

Everybody in the class was brave and tried the different foods.  We were amazed at how good it all tasted and how some of us enjoyed eating things that we thought we didn’t like!  We preferred a lot of the foods to the ready-made versions we have usually and are keen to try these recipes out with our families at home.

Summer Term


Diamond Class were very excited to find out what the new theme is for this term.  First thing Monday morning, there were lots of smiles as we walked into our classroom which now looks like a rainforest! 

We have spent the week looking at artwork by Nick Gustafson who uses bright colours to create pictures of animals in the rainforest.  We started trying to copy some of his work but soon realised it wasn’t quite as easy as it looks.  We are slowly learning how to use the pastels to create different shapes and effects so that we can produce good quality pictures.

Yesterday we went out into the school to look at different plants.  We were amazed at just how many different types there are in and around the school.  We looked at their features, how they grew and where they grew.

We have also spent time looking at equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and have started our descriptive story writing, including using relative clauses.


This week in Diamond Class we have been continuing our work on fractions.  We have looked at fractions that are bigger than 1 whole and converted between improper and mixed number fractions.  We have since moved onto finding unit and non-unit fractions of amounts.  We quickly realised that knowing our times tables helps us to do this much more quickly!

In Literacy we have been writing stories which include a lot of description.  We have used the thesaurus to find synonyms and have included additional clauses and phrases in our writing to add detail.  We have also been focusing on written comprehension in guided reading.

We completed our topic book front covers with our first rainforest pictures.  They look amazing and we can already see great improvements in our drawing skills.

We also looked at the different plants that are found on the school field.  We used a hoop to select a small area and then picked a range of leaves and flowers that were found in there.  We laminated them to keep in our topic books.  It was amazing just how many different plants there are – we thought it was just grass!