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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Sporting Superstars

Autumn Term 2021-2022

Austin B (Y3) climbed Snowdon over the summer break. Skye C (Y3) took part in Inspired Playgrounds activities during the summer break. Natasha H (Y3) Stage 2 Swimming certificate. Ava K (Y2) Stage 2 Swimming certificate.

Puriton Football Team 07/10/21

Megan B, Finley C, Lexi R, Harry M, Stanley C, Ollie W, Thomas M, Mason C,

Lake T, Finley W, Oliver G & Thomas H

We played a friendly football match against Willowdown School.

The overall goals scored = 3-3!



Historical Hall of Fame

w/C 25th June


From left to right:

Mia B - Swimming Stage 3 Certificate

Oliver B - Won a Grasstrack Motorbike event, where he won 2 of his races and came second in the other two. Oliver placed first overall!

Seren K - Swimming Stage 3 Certificate

W/C 30th April


From left to right:
Honey B - Swimming Stage 4 Certificate

Savannah P - Medal for completing a 1km race for charity

Lexie D - Swimming Stage 2 Certificate

W/C 19th March


From left to right:
Samuel W - Swimming Stage 4 Certificate and 25m Distance Award

Finley W - Swimming Stage 3 Certificate and 15m Distance Award


W/C 5th March

From left to right:
Florence C - Level 8 Gymnastic Proficiency Award
Harry M - Bronze Medal for competing in a Regional Trampolining Competition
James T - Brown belt with stripe in Martial Arts with a distinction.
Thomas M - Silver Medal for competing in a Regional Trampolining Competition
Elizabeth H - Level 8 Gymnastic Proficiency Award


W/C 19th February

From left to right:
Jacob T - Swimming Stage 2 Certificate
Kacie Pople - Level 7 Gymnastic Proficiency Award
Corey Smith - Swimming Stage 2 Certificate


W/C 29th January

From left to right:
Lily-Rose B - Swimming Stage 5 Certificate
Max O - Swimming Stage 2 Certificate
Ezmae W - Swimming Stage 3 Certificate