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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

School Clubs

The children at Puriton take part in a range of lunch time and after school clubs.  Below are a variety of what we offer at different times across the year.


Clay Club - A group of potters have returned to this club. They are planning their own projects while thinking about the skills they are confident with and those they need more practice with. I am looking forward to seeing the creations. 

Homework Club - Children in KS2 have the opportunity to attend homework club.  They can complete their homework in a calm, quiet atmosphere with the added support from Mrs Smallwood and Mrs Attwood.

Football Club - Football club is run by R&W Coaching after school.  The children really enjoy developing their skills from the qualified coaches.

Gymnastics Club - R&W Coaching also run a gymnastics club after school. 

Basketball Club - R&W Coaching also run a basketball club after school where children get to develop their skills and shoot some hoops! 

Running Club - This is s new club this term for children in years 4-6.  We go running around the school or village, building up our speed and stamina each week.  We have recently managed 2.5 miles.   The club is run by Mrs Madge, Mrs Attwood and Miss Male.

Netball Club - Mrs Attwood successfully coaches our school netball team.  They love to play both at school and in local matches.

Rugby Club - Mr McKechan shares his expertise with the children after school.  They have been learning the different skills needed to be successful in rugby.


In the past, we have provided opportunities for:

Archery Club - This is an exciting club which the children love to attend.  The new R&W Coaching equipment has been put to very good use.

KS2 Drawing Club - Children meet at lunchtime with Miss Williams to develop their drawing skills.  We explore the size and positioning of basic shapes to help us build up to a bigger picture.  We began by starting with Dolphins.

Chess Club - Some of the older children in school have been learning how to play Chess with Mr McKechan.  They play at lunchtimes to compete against each other and refine their skills.

Reading Club - Children join Mrs Brown during lunchtimes to make the most of some quiet reading time.

Dodgeball Club - R&W Coaching run a dodgeball club after school.  It's proved to be very popular!

Story Club - At lunchtime, children join Miss Franks to read and share different stories.