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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements


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The certificates for amazing achievements awarded

on Friday 18th September are:


 Work of Excellence

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Niamh For super try at sentences in our writing.
Amber Sammy A For a wonderfully descriptive poem with super vocabulary.
Sapphire Joseph W For using ambitious vocabulary choices in his writing.
Diamond Savannah P For great handwriting and joining her letters beautifully. 
Jet Evie  For an outstanding piece of artwork based on our class book.
Emerald Finley M For a wonderful first piece of independent writing, with some lovely descriptive vocabulary. 

 Qualities & Values

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Tyler For independently putting his own boxes and bags away each day.
Amber Skye C For always being ready to learn and organising herself independently.
Sapphire Lily C For working well independently.
Diamond Olivia K For independently getting on with her morning work without being asked. 
Jet All of Jet Class For showing great independence during our first two weeks. You have settled into upper key stage two brilliantly!
Emerald Lily Bl For having a really positive attitude to the first two weeks at Puriton School.  You have settled in so well. 

 Key Skills

Opal Opal certificates will start from Term 2
Ruby Max For always asking and answering our class questions
Amber Tiarna F and Darcey H For excellent communication during a teamwork exercise in PE.
Sapphire Chloe R For always putting her hand up to share something or ask a question.
Diamond Leyla P For trying her best and always participating in class discussions. 
Jet Lake For showing great communication skills when learning. Your contributions are highly valued by all of Jet class.

Daniel L

Jessica L

For brilliant communication between yourselves, teachers and parents in the first two weeks, as well as a fantastic attitude to all your learning.