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Amber Class


We are a class of Year 2 pupils. Our teacher is Mrs Brown and Mrs Norris and Miss James are our teaching assistants. 

Click here for Amber Class Routines. This will provide you with information about PE, homework, reading and more!

Contact Amber Class staff by email using this address: amberclass@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk 

Information for new parents can be found under the heading, 'Welcome Information.'

Welcome Information

Hello and a very warm welcome to the children and families joining Year 2 in September 2021. Parents, please watch the video underneath.  (This IS NOT for the children as it contains information that they shouldn't know.) If you have any further questions, please email me at: amber@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk  

VIDEO FOR PARENTS - Welcome to Amber Class!

We had a brilliant time getting to know each other today. We played some getting to know you games, read a story and made some superheroes that flew! They were a joy, asked me some fantastic questions and I can't wait to get to know them more in September! 


Useful Links for parents

For more online books go to: https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx

Click: TEACHERS sign in

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents!21 

and click Login

Select the colour book that your child reads from the list on the left hand side. Enjoy!


For phonics practise, click here.

For a range of online learning games, check out TOPMARKS.

Online Safety for Parents      

Covid 19 Worry book

Children's Mental Health Week Ideas

These are great if children are feeling a little anxious or need to practise some calming activities...

Dinosaur yoga

Spring time Yoga

Bedtime Yoga

For livelier yoga, try Cosmic Kids on YouTube!

Exercise - Don't forget, daily exercise is so important for both mental and physical health. Click here for a whole list of ideas for keeping active!


When we use our brilliant ideas to write, it is important that people can read them. Here are some photos to remind you about letter formation to ensure your work is neat and clear.





Click the link to find out the spelling and grammar being used in Year 2

English Mats


Click here for recommended books for your child. The link will take you to the website where you can find book lists for your child's age.  There may be some useful ideas for Christmas or birthdays. Please let us know if you enjoy any!

Recommended books for reading for pleasure.


Use Hit the Button to practise your number facts. WEBSITE

Your children have now been given log in details for TT Rockstars. Visit this website: https://ttrockstars.com/ to play. Practising for five minutes a day can really improve fluency skills. Have fun!

Amber Class Learning 2021-22

Welcome to the Summer Term!

This term will have a geography theme. We will be learning all about the World's continents and oceans, how to use maps and develop our fieldwork skills. We will be studying the country of Kenya and comparing Kenya to England. We will be considering the similarities and differences between rural villages there and our village of Puriton.

Click here for useful vocabulary and texts for the term ahead: KEY VOCABULARY

Click here for an overview of learning for the term: SUMMER ON SAFARI

Keep checking our Class Dojo APP to see what we are learning as the term progresses.


Welcome to the Spring Term!

We are so excited to start our new science learning all about materials. Our learning will be linked to the Traction Man books by Mini Grey. 

Click here to see an overview for our learning this term: Traction Troubles!

We would love the children to start using TT Rockstars. They will bought login details and information home. Here is a video that I made for children during home learning last year. (Please note, the children have already been on at school and the usernames are slightly different to those described as this video was made for children learning at home. Some parts may still be useful though!)

TT Rockstar Guide

It may act as a reminder if children have forgotten how to log in. Any questions, please ask! Hopefully, they can practise over the weekend and join in with the CLT competition next week where we will be playing against other schools in our trust. We hope as many of you can play as possible!



Welcome to the Autumn Term!

We hope you have all had a lovely Summer break! We can't wait to hear what you have all been up to and find out more about you. We have an exciting term ahead of us with lots of History related learning with Mrs Brown, Miss Williams and Miss Standing.

Click here to see an overview for our learning this term: Brilliant Brunel!

Here are key words that the children will be using with the topic and some suggestions of books to support learning at home. Brilliant Brunel Vocabulary.



Throughout the rest of the Autumn Term, children have the option to complete some of these homework activities to further their learning linked to our history topic, 'Brilliant Brunel.'

Please click this HOMEWORK GRID to see the ideas. If your child does complete any, we would love to see them and celebrate them in class with lots of gems! Have fun!

‘Story in a Box’ project

At Puriton Primary, we love books! What is your favourite book? Have you got a favourite character? We would like you to create a ‘Story in a Box’ to share your love for your favourite book with your class.  Are you up for the challenge?

Why not get creative and use a shoe box to create a scene from a book (fiction or non-fiction). It could be from your favourite book at home or from one of the books you are reading at school. Alongside your box, you could give a short summary or review of your book, which will inspire others to read it.

If you make a story box, please bring it into school during the first week back after half term and give it to your class teacher.  You will then have the chance to share your story box with the rest of your class.  We will also take photos of them and display them around the school for others to see.

Here are some ideas to get you going.  Happy making!

Story Box project information

Week ending 21/10/21

We have ended the term on a high! After working so hard to learn our number bonds, most of them are now recalling them far more quickly and using them to add several numbers efficiently. We were so resilient when working on trial and improvement problems.

In science, we did some activities to develop our observational skills. These helped us when we were finding out the results from our science experiment. We had to look carefully at the potatoes. The potato that was rubbed in the sink had changed the least. We think that is because the soap and anti bacterial cleaner that is used throughout the day must kill the germs. 

We finished our Brunel factsheets and displayed them in the classroom. We are so proud of all the research we did and hopefully can remember lots of facts to tell our families.

On Tuesday, we had a gem party to celebrate all of our hard work. We did lots of different arts and crafts and had a lovely time.

Happy half term everyone. Have a safe and restful break!

Week ending 08/10/21

We have had high aspirations this week! We have risen to the challenges set by our teachers. Mrs Brown challenged us to make factsheets to teach our parents all about Isambard Kingdom  Brunel. We have started writing them, included lots of facts and used subheadings. 

In Maths, we didn't just place numbers on number lines but we also used blank number lines, lines landmarked in fives and tens. It was important to look at the start and end numbers.

We planned sporting activities in PE. Then we thought like scientists to consider how each activity affected our bodies. We will use what we observed to decide which exercises we think are the best to improve our health.

Week ending 29/09/21

Listening can sometimes be tricky. We have tried to become more responsible this week by improving our listening skills. In PE, we took part in team games where we had to follow instructions and listen to our team mates to succeed. 

We have also started researching Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We watched a video which can be found here: Brunel Video  It was very interesting to hear how Brunel practised and practised to become accurate at drawing. He worked hard to overcome lots of problems when building his railway.

We also worked in pairs to find out our own facts about Brunel by using non-fiction books. We wrote them on post it notes and added them to large sheets of paper. Our ideas are going to help us write our factsheets to teach our parents about Brunel.

We also focussed on commas in lists, question marks and long vowel sounds.

Week ending 22/09/21

We worked on being resilient this week by becoming more independent in our learning. We used lots of equipment in Maths to support our understanding of place value. Building numbers has helped us understand the value of each digit in two digit numbers. 

We have also enjoyed developing ball control whilst moving, we planned a science experiment using a potato, to see which areas we find more germs in, we made scientific predictions, we have also enjoyed reading, 'The Twits,' by Roald Dahl. 

Week ending 17/09/21

We were inspired by our new topic this week. On Thursday, we went on a visit to the Amber Class museum. George drove us to the hall and we found lots of objects that were almost 200 years old! There were lots of objects that were used in Victorian homes. We made sensible guesses about what they were used for and wrote labels for them and sketched them. They didn't use electricity so housework would have been very tiring! We found out that lots of inspirational people lived in the Victorian times. They invented so many things! One of them was called, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.' He was a Victorian engineer and we are going to find out why he was so brilliant. We drew amazing portraits of him.

We were also inspired by a scientist called Louis Pasteur who discovered that germs spread by touching. We did an investigation using glitter to show how easily germs spread. It made us want to wash our hands carefully.

Our new leaders have also inspired us by standing for their different roles.




Week ending 10/09/21

The children have settled into Year 2 brilliantly! They are already putting their belongings away more quickly and finding their way around the classroom. Please help your child by arriving between 8.45 and 8.55am. This gives them time to unpack and settle before assembly. 

We have completed lots of activities to get to know each other. In Maths, we have been revising key concepts from Year 1, reminding ourselves about counting accurately and using the various equipment in the classroom. We read a story called, 'The Colour Monster,' which has helped us describe feelings. We had a great PE session where the children showed super ball control. They stopped the ball with lots of different body parts! We were so impressed that lots of children confidently put themselves forward for a pupil leadership role. Candidates made a short speech and we had a democratic vote. Leaders will be announced next week! 

I will be sending emails to you all ASAP. Please email the Amber class address if you have any questions at all. Thank you for helping your children settle back into school routines this week. :) 


During December, the children will be completing the Phonics Screening Test that they missed during the Summer Term of Year 1. This is a Government assessment and results will be reported. The children will read 40 words. There are a mix of real and nonsense (alien) words. Even if your child is a fluent reader, it is worth encouraging your child to segment then blend the word so they don’t misread a nonsense word.  All the words use the phonemes learnt in phase 2-5. If your child does not meet the required standard, they will complete another one in the Summer Term when the current Year 1 cohort do theirs. The children will NOT be told about this. They will just be doing some reading with their teacher to show me what they know. It is a short, relaxed task!

To help prepare, it is best to practise little and often. Homework will also focus on these skills nearer the time and I will send resources and instructions. 


A child from last year's Year 2 made this video to demonstrate how to segment then blend alien words. Please encourage your child to do the same:

Here is a video to show you how to play SPLAT. I have attached a some phonic mats below if you would like to print them and try the game at home.


Phase 3 phoneme mat                      Phase 5 phoneme mat


Amber Class Home Learning 2020-21

Spring Term     

Spring 2 

Week 2

It is hopefully our last week of home learning! You have done it! Hooray! A big well done to all the children, mums, dads, grannies and grandads who have worked so hard. Please make sure we keep going this week as it will make it easier when you return to school on Monday. The expectation is still that work is completed and sent it. A huge well done for everyone who has been playing TT Rockstars. Nearly the whole class has tried it now. We have a really exciting week this week.

Teams meetings on Monday and Friday, World Maths Day on Tuesday and World Book Day on Thursday. We invite you to dress up as a book character and send in your photos for us to see!

Friday 5th March

It is our last day of home learning! I am so proud of you all for how brave you are, how hard you have worked and how patient you have been. You may feel a little bit worried, sad, happy or excited about coming back to school on Monday. All of those feelings are ok. I promise we will soon get back to normal. Miss James and I are here to talk to you whenever you need us. We have lots of fun things planned for you all and we can't wait to play together. I also want to say thank you to all of your family members who have helped you at home. Enjoy today. Make it a great last day! The Teams call is at 11.30am. :) 

Daily plan                              TT Rockstars sheet              Optional problem solving

Examples of spellings              Reading comprehension     Amber Class Quiz!  

Thursday 4th March

It is World Book Day! We have lots of fun activities for you today. We can't wait to see what you get up to. Please send me photos if you dress up as a book character. Don't forget to join us on TEAMS today at 1:30pm. Also, I am sure you will enjoy, 'The Masked Reader!' It is going to be a really great day!

Daily plan        World Book Day Assembly  (Powerpoint)   World Book Day Assembly (PDF)

Masked Reader Guess Sheet                            Masked Reader Help Sheet

Other optional tasks: book review idea             Book mark templates


Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Amber Class!  Hopefully, this is the last day of Home Learning from me.  I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you next week.  There won't be a story time session this afternoon, I'm afraid, as I can't fit one in today.  I promise that we will make time for a lovely story next week to make up for it.

Daily Plan         Maths Task          Handwriting

Click the video below to watch the lesson input for Computing.

Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning everyone! I had great fun playing the games on TEAMS yesterday. You did make me smile :) Today, we are celebrating World Maths Day! (It is actually tomorrow but we are doing it today as I'm not here tomorrow and I love Maths so much!) Have lots of fun choosing your learning. Adults, please check your emails regarding Thursday if you haven't seen it yet. Thank you.

Daily Plan              Maths Assembly (PPT)             Maths Assembly (PDF)

'The Doorbell Rang,' problems

Monday 1st March

Daily Plan (please open first)        Maths tasks            Maths task answers

Maths super challenge                Y1/Y2 CEW words    Y3/Y4 CEW words

Story help sheet  and checklist    Story example (NEW)        DT evaluation


Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We hope you managed to have a restful half term. We can't wait to see what we can achieve over the next 6 weeks! Just a few reminders:                                           

If possible, please send me the work on the day it is done as I need to mark and log it on daily sheets.

Please try to contact us daily. We will need to contact you if it has been 48 hours. 

We understand that some days will be more productive than others. We are all doing our best.

If you ever need any help or support, don't hesitate to ask. We will do what we can to help you.

Mr Lawrence has kindly put together a guide for being able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc for anyone who is having trouble accessing them. Click here.

Friday 26th February

Good morning! Today is competition day! Good luck to each house. I will do regular result updates on the school Facebook page. I was so impressed with your mood boards yesterday. I have added some into the home learning examples section. As requested, we will do a scavenger hunt on TEAMS today at 11.30.  I will look forward to seeing you there. :) 

Daily Plan (with video links)    English pictures   The Best Dress Ever comprehension

I am so amazed by all of your stories written on Book Creator. if you would like to see each other's, open this document and click the links. Enjoy! They are truly fabulous!

Our Book Creator Books

Thursday 25th February

Hello Amber Class! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I look forward to seeing your learning today. :)

Daily plan (with video links)      Maths Bronze Task   

Maths Silver, Gold and Challenges (The sheet says bronze but should say silver)

Spelling -Handwriting              Spelling -Wordsearch   

English comma help if needed (Powerpoint)  English comma help (PDF) 

English help poster/examples    English Talk Task

Guided reading (Powerpoint)     Guided reading (PDF)

  PE game board

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning Amber Class!  I'm glad to hear that you've had a lovely first two days back to home learning.  Not too much longer before we look forward to seeing you all back in school.  I look forward to hearin from you all later today.  I hope to see lots of you for the story later today.  Miss Williams

Daily Plan        Maths Extension Sheet         Handwriting Sheet        

Click below to watch the RE Lesson for today

Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning! It was so lovely to hear from nearly everyone yesterday! Well done for a super start to the term. Your colourful Traction Man outfits were awesome. Not long now and we will all be back together!

Daily plan with video links (please use)   

Maths tasks (choose bronze, silver or gold)        Spelling task                      

Synonym sheet 1                                           Synonym sheet 2

Reading Questions                                          PE game board

Monday 22nd February 

Good morning Amber Class! I am   so excited about our learning this term and hope you are too! You have been doing a brilliant job! I hope to see all your smiling faces on TEAMS at 10.30am today. We are moving on to division today. If you need to look back at any of the multiplication lessons at all, they are still below. (From the 25th January.) Your multiplication skills will be needed for this term! 

Welcome back message          Daily plan (with video links in)   TT Rockstar sheet

Maths worksheets to choose from     Spelling (with sound)     Spelling (no sound)

English Video                       English questions                   Body outline template


Week 6

Thursday 11th February

Good morning! It is the last day of this half term! You have all been amazing! I have made a video to say hello to you all and it includes a story. Have a wonderful, restful and safe half term. Try out TT Rockstars if you can and don't forget to make use of the Collins online books (see the links for parents section.) Have a great day! Missing you all. :) 

Daily Plan (open first)        Mrs Brown's check out          TT Rockstar Guide

Maths Video                       Maths task option 1               Maths task option 2        

Maths optional challenge     Material activities         Book Creator website instructions 

Wednesday 10th February

Hi Amber Class!  I hope you've had a great week so far.  You've been amazing this term and worked so hard on the home learning.  Just two more days to go before you all get a well deserved break!  There is no RE for today as we have finished the Judaism unit.  As it's Safer Internet Week, we have a few extra tasks for computing instead.  I look forward ti hearing from you all later!  Miss Williams :)

Daily Plan     Maths Task     Handwriting     Detective Digiduck     Computing Words    Duck Face

Tuesday 9th February

Today is Safer Internet Day! If you haven't yet watched Mrs Madge's assembly from yesterday, you could have a look today. You could also check out this one: DETECTIVE DIGIDUCK ASSEMBLY  Miss Williams will be following up on this tomorrow. Have a great day everyone!

Daily Plan (With video links)       Maths Lesson          Maths task 1 to use with video                                                                                                                                                                             

Bronze maths task       Silver maths task (choose 1 sheet)  Gold maths task                        

Reading                        Reading text

Comic book templates (to choose from)              Book Creator website instructions         

PE activity 

Monday 8th February

Good morning everyone. We will be doing a scavenger hunt on TEAMS today. It would be lovely if everyone could join us as it will be the last one this week as Friday is an INSET day.  On Tuesday, it is safer internet day! You will be completing some work linked to this on Wednesday. Between now and then, please check out this Safer Internet Assembly.

Daily plans (Please use the video links)         Maths bronze task

Maths silver task            Maths gold task       Maths problem solving

Extra odd and even optional activity              Reading text

Spelling - handwriting task                          English example

Science cards                        or                  Science spinner          

Science optional recording sheet                    Science word mat

Week 5

Friday 5th February

It's Friday! That means we can meet on TEAMS today at 11.30am. Can you please bring a piece of paper or whiteboard and pen? What a great week of learning! I am challenging you to do your own slow write using my instructions today. They were so good on Tuesday - I can't wait to read your stories today. Next week, you will have the chance to make your own Traction Man comics using your villains from yesterday. :) 

Daily plans with video links (Open first)           Maths task 1 (For use with video)

Maths main task option 1        Maths main task option 2        Maths problem

Wordsearch                                                   Reading task - My Best Friend

English slow write (powerpoint)                        English slow write (PDF)


Thursday 4th February

Good morning! I hope you had a good day yesterday. I would love to see some of your PE moves today! You will need 12 small objects for Maths. The reading is a longer text today but we need to build up the amount we can read independently, in one go. Have a good try :)

Daily plans with video links. (Please read first)      Spelling task    Spelling help poster   

Maths main tasks (Choose one to write in books.)      Maths reasoning task

English Template                                                    English images for ideas

Reading Text - My best friend                 

Wednesday 3rd February

Hello Amber Class!  I hope you're ready for another busy day.  You're all doing so well with your home learning.  We've been really impressed!  I look forward to seeing lots of you for the story time later this afternoon.  Your invites will be in your Teams calendars.  If you have any problems or questions, please email.  Miss Williams 

Daily Plan (with video links)     Maths Teaching Powerpoint     Maths Task     Handwriting Task    

RE Teaching PowerPoint   Buddy the Dog's Internet Safety Story

Tuesday 2nd February

I absolutely loved your stories yesterday! They were fantastic! You can be creative today in Science. Show me those enquiry skills to see which material makes the best cape for Traction Man. I can't wait to see what you do.  Have fun!

Daily Plan with video links. (Please read FIRST)        Maths part 1 for use with video lesson.

Maths main task -LEGO images                              Maths challenge

Spelling powerpoint (with sound)                          Spelling (no sound)

Spelling help poster                                            English Word Mat

English character description template                  English example description

Science optional sheet for recording                    60 second read - Arctic yoga

Monday 1st February

Good morning Amber Class! Did you see the snow yesterday? I wonder if we will have any more? We are going to think about how to write simple adventure stories this week and continue with multiplication and division. Have a great week everyone. See you at 10.30am today. :)

Daily Plan with video links. (Please read FIRST)   Optional challenge DUCK POND

Spelling Powerpoint (with sound)                       Spelling (no sound)

English image                                                English guide sheet

Traction Man sequencing (choose 1)              

Look who I found in the classroom this morning! I hope you haven't got any evil pillows lumbering around in your house!

Week 4 

Friday 29th January

It's Friday! I can't wait to see you all at 11.30am on TEAMS. You have worked SO hard this week. Huge well done. Have fun with some quiet writing time today. Find somewhere comfortable, you could even try quiet music in the background. Your science experiments were amazing yesterday!


Main maths task            Maths extension 1            Maths extension 2   

English video

Thursday 28th January 

Good morning Amber Class! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. We are going to do a science investigation today but you MUST complete it with an adult. If your adult has to work, that's ok. You could try it at the weekend or watch a variation of the lesson that is in the plan instead. 

Daily plan (PLEASE READ FIRST AND CLICK ON VIDEO LINKS)       Maths task 1

Main maths task                           Maths extension task                 

Spelling activity                  Spelling printable               English images

Reading -easier sequencing           Reading - harder sequencing

Science lesson (with sound)            Science lesson (no sound)      

Science results table                     Science example answers


Wednesday 27th January

Hi Everyone!  It's 'Miss Williams Wednesday'. I hope you've all had a lovely week so far and are all safe and well.  As always, I've recorded a little message for you this morning to talk through our day.  Click the following link to see the video.  Video from Miss Williams

We have a story time booked in for this afternoon which will cover the story set out for the Computing lesson.  If you'd like to join me and share the story as a whole class, it would be lovely to see you all.  I look forward to seeing all of your home learning later today.

Daily Plan       Maths Task       Handwriting       Shabbat Information       Digiduck's Big Decision

Money PowerPoint

Welcome to week 4 of the Spring term. Are you ready for a new week? We are starting a new theme in Maths -multiplication and division! That means we can soon have our TT Rockstars accounts if we work hard. I am going to share another Traction Man adventure on TEAMS at 10.30am on Monday. I hope you can join me. For those who missed his adventure last Friday, a grown up can read it with you here:


Tuesday 26th January

Daily plan (please read first includes videos)      Maths Task          

Maths extension                                Optional maths extra


The anagrams should be: nicset            and    syhni

  Reading task (sound)       Reading (no sound) 

English writing task (sound)     English writing task (no sound)  English task pictures

Monday 25th January

Daily plan PLEASE READ FIRST (Includes videos)     Maths task

Maths extension                                 Optional extra problem solving

Spelling Powerpoint (sound)                Spelling (no sound)

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey    Adverb word cards 

English adverbs (no sound)   (Look back at this lesson from Friday if you need a reminder about spelling adverbs.)

Science powerpoint (sound)                Science (no sound)

Science (table)            or                     Scientific observation sheet


Week 3

Friday 22nd January

It is the end of the week. Great work everyone! You have been brilliant again. I was blown away by your poems this week. I also loved the kindness you showed in your messages to Jem in our qualities and values sessions. You are wonderful. Make sure you watch the videos today. I will see you on TEAMS at 11.30am.

Daily Plan - READ FIRST            Missing number triangles       Missing number pyramids

Challenge - triangle total 20       Reading - How to make your teacher disappear    

English adverb powerpoint (sound)  English adverbs (no sound)   

Spot the adverb sheet              Change the adjective to adverb sheet     

Thursday 21st January 

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good day yesterday. Please watch the video links in today's plan. We are spending the next two days using our addition and subtraction knowledge to solve problems before starting new Maths learning next week. 

Daily Plan -please read first                       Maths sheet- main 1 step problems  (mix of hard                                                                               and easy questions

Maths sheet - 2 step problems                   Optional writing frame if needed               

Word mat for ideas for similes                      Word mat for amazing adjectives                                

Reading - The Boy who Cried Wolf            Spellings - handwriting sheet

Wordsearch                                            PE lockdown timetable (choose any)

Click here for the PLANS for Monday and Tuesday (week 3)

Tuesday 19th January

Good morning! Try your best with Maths today. Let me know how you get on. Check using the answer sheet. If it is really too tricky, practise subtracting numbers by finding the difference or by counting back using a number line. You could make up your own calculations with 2 digit numbers subtract 1 digit numbers. 

For the Science, I would recommend holding the material over a sink/tray/bowl,  dropping the chosen amount water on top of it and watching what happens underneath. If you dip the material fully in the water, when you lift it out, you won't be able to tell if the water has passed through or not. A pipette, medicine syringe or teaspoon would work well.  Another top tip is to leave the water on the fabric for awhile. It won't pass through straight away but if you leave it, you will gradually get drips forming underneath. Alternatively, wrap a very inexpensive item in the material and submerge. No real cameras!

Click on the USEFUL LINKS tab on this page for instructions about how to access some more online books.

Maths Video 1       Maths video 2       Maths sheet    Maths answers                  

Optional writing frame       The Magic Box poem       The Magic Box poem (no sound)    

Reading text and questions (Make sure you just read and discuss today)

Science results sheets                  Science extension

Monday 18th January 

Good morning everyone! I am looking forward to seeing you at 10.30am on TEAMS. Has anyone guessed who may have emailed me? We have a busy week in store. You are going to be scientists! Have fun!

Maths Video      Maths worksheet part 1  cubes     Maths sheet calculations part 2

Maths optional challenge 1     Maths optional challenge 2  Number line (You could print and make)

Spelling powerpoint (with sound)       Spelling (no sound)      Alternative CEW practise

Reading - The Magic Box poem (with sound PLEASE DO BEFORE ENGLISH!) 

The Magic Box poem (no sound)                              English task linked to reading

Science experiment powerpoint (with sound)       Science experiment (no sound)

Science planning sheet     If you want to find out more about fair testing, click HERE

Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome to week 2. New to this week is the launch of our online reading Bug Club! I hope you all enjoy using it. Adults, please read the notes attached to the top of today's plans. :) 

Click here for the PLANS for Thursday and Friday

Friday 15th January

We are at the end of week two. You have all been incredible! Keep the hard work. Don't forget our TEAMS meeting at 11.30am today. (See the note above.) You all really impressed me with your maths today. I have planned something very similar for today to consolidate your skills. Make sure you watch the videos again if you need help. Use the White Rose sheet if you want more of a challenge. If you are using Bug Club, you need to answer the questions fully. Some of you have been typing letters in  to the answer box and not actual words or sentences. Enjoy the creative task this afternoon!

Maths sheet - exchanging practise           Maths sheet - more just column addition

White Rose sheet - harder                      White Rose sheet answers

Maths task with no exchanging   

Traction Man - onomatopoeia sheet        Still life Images          Drawing skills sheet

Thursday 14th January

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the story time yesterday. I know Miss Williams did. I have recorded lessons today so please watch carefully. You will need to decide which method and tasks are right for you.  (Sorry about the video. I recorded on my phone which was in a tripod but think the camera must keep trying to focus itself. I will play about with the settings for next time. Bear with me today sorry!)

Maths Video - introduction         Maths video part 1 - making and drawing 

Maths video part 2 - column addition     

Maths questions - main task                   Maths questions - Harder column method.       

Maths alternative questions for those struggling (no exchanging)

English Video                        Images from shape poem video

Reading Task - Traction Man adjectives

Spelling- handwriting          Spelling-wordsearch    Use these words to play Hangman.

Science Man made or natural? - powerpoint          Science optional sorting sheet


Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Amber Class!  Please click on the following link for a quick video to tell you what's happening today.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uRWpjk0dIA 

All of the planning and resources can be found by clicking on the links below.  Remember, if you are free at 2:15pm today, I will be sharing a story via Microsoft Teams.  You should all find the links in your calendars.  I hope to see you later.  Miss Williams :)

Plan for the Day       Maths Task       Maths Challenge        Handwriting Sheet  

Technology Around Us (PowerPoint)       Technology Around Us (PDF version)

Technology Town Map      Technology Around Us Task (Word)      Techonology Around Us Task (PDF)

I loved these fabulous monsters from Alfie and Sammy.  Sammy added an extra rhyming couplet to give his monster arms. He also practised his ball control skills. He used both feet! Well done boys!


Click here for lesson plans for Monday and Tuesday

Tuesday 12th January

It was lovely to see you all yesterday. It looks like lots of you enjoyed your walk. Fantastic work all round. If you haven't yet tried Big Club, can you do so today as I may be able to set up some online reading sessions with Ms James and I. Have a great day today!

 Maths Questions              Maths Video               Spelling activity    

Note: when spelling this week, use the words from the word list at the end of yesterday's Powerpoint.         

Rhyming poem (Powerpoint with sound.)          Rhyming poem (PDF no sound)

Traction Man scene                                        Traction Man reading activity

Inspired by yesterday's learning, Riley wrote his own shape poem based on an online game. Olivia phoned members of her family to collect data about their favourite food. She presented the information in a tally chart. What great extra learning!


Monday 11th January 

Tally sheet (easier)                  Tally sheet (harder)        Maths answers (harder)

Spelling powerpoint                  Spelling as a PDF          

Spelling booklet(Only for those who need it.)  

Shape poems (powerpoint)       Shape poems (PDF)

Materials hunt sheet                Material hunt photos (If you are unable to go for a walk) 


Week 1


Friday 8th January

Good morning! Don't forget to click the above link for the plans. Also, there is a TEAMS meeting at 11:30am today. It would be good if you can all log on to see how we are getting on so far and I can share some exciting news! It should be in your calendar. If not, you should be able to join at that time tomorrow or let me know and I will hopefully be able to add you in by calling at the start. Here are today's resources. Thank you for all your emails. Can I remind everyone that you need to be sending in the children's work if you haven't already.

Maths worksheet (to complete alongside the video.)        Maths answers 

Maths -True or False question               English powerpoint (with audio)            

English (as a PDF, no sound)                English activities to choose from

Reading task                                        Traction Man text

Science material hunt                          Science photo cards   

Thursday 7th January

Hello Amber Class! Well done for a super day of learning. I hope you are ready for anther great day today. Above are the plans for Thursday and Friday. I will attach resources as needed. I hope you are all ok. I will endeavour to answer emails as soon as possible but obviously I am in school teaching too. I will try to get back to you before 5pm or during the following day. 

Maths Video                   Maths questions

English Powerpoint          English (as a PDF if you can't open powerpoint- no sound)     

English worksheet (easiest)  English worksheet (medium)   English worksheet (hardest)

Traction Man Story Video       Reading task        

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Amber Class!  I hope that you had a good day of home learning yesterday.  School was very quiet without you!  I've recorded a little message which you can see if you click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfr0oMDPEtE  Hopefully, it will let you know some of the things we have planned for today.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you all get up to. 

All of the learning is outlined in the overview below.  Any documents needed are also linked.  If you come across any problems or need any help, please send me an email at amber@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Please send all home learning to this address too!

Miss Williams :) 

Home Learning Overview       Maths Task 1         Maths Task 2       Handwriting        Computing

Tuesday 5th January

Oh dear Amber Class. What a funny start to the term! I am so sorry that you have been asked to stay at home again but I am so glad that I got to see you for one day. We will all be brave and do what we can to stay safe. I will be uploading your learning each day. There is an expectation that you complete it and you need to email regularly so that I know how you are doing. I am in school today, preparing for learning. Here are a couple of tasks to keep you going for today.


Yesterday, we found all the different possible answers when totalling 2 dice. Have a go at this problem today. Read the story first and then click on the problem. Can you draw some different combinations? Does anyone think they can find them all?

STORY                 MATHS PROBLEM


Read a book for 15 minutes. (New online books and activities coming very soon!)


There have been some strange events in the classroom. Have a look at these slides and complete the task.



We would have been starting football today. Practise your dribbling skills or try this workout:



Week 6

Here are lesson and activities for those isolating during week 6. Please keep in contact and we wish you all a speedy recovery.

Monday 7th 

Maths:                  Video with activity

Phonics:                Activity Mat

English/History:      Plan          Powerpoint  1    Powerpoint 2

Reading:              6 key word sheet. Print and colour using the instructions (or draw.)

Please continue to practise the nativity songs.

Week 5 

Here are lesson and activities for those isolating during week 5. I have also emailed independent tasks separately. Please keep in contact and we wish you all a speedy recovery.


Monday 30th        Video       Worksheet    Answers      True or false challenge

Tuesday 1st        Video        Worksheet      Answers      True or false challenge

Wednesday 2nd    Video       Worksheet    Answers       True or false challenge

Thursday 3rd        Video       Worksheet    Answers       True or false challenge

Friday 4th            Video      Worksheet      Answers      True or false challenge


Weekly plan

Monday- Model diary     Features check list  Flashcards with time words

Tuesday  - Adverbials of time lesson

Wednesday - Sentence starters

Friday - match the verbs       irregular verbs


Choose 10 of these words a day to segment and blend. Then complete an activity from the emailed workbook about Year 2 words.          Phonics words 


Monday - Listen to Oh, No George! STORY  Task: Retell the story to someone at home. Think: What ca we learn from this story? What does 'sorry' mean?

Tuesday - Plan some other mistakes/adventures for George? You could draw them or write about them. What else might he do?

Wednesday - 60 second read comprehension - THE STAR

Thursday - 60 second read comprehension- ROAR

Friday - Explore The Book Trust website Find a story/part of a story that you enjoyed. What was it called? What did you like about it?


Choose from:  Cosmic Kids Yoga       Andy's Wild Workouts       Joe Wicks

Design and Technology/History project

D&T plan          D&T bridge information

D&T Bridges from around the World photos     D&T sheets          


Please continue to practise the nativity words and songs as well please.



16/11/20 - Next week, the children will need: 

  • - Ingredients for one of the recipes attached or your own Victorian recipe. (There will be alternative tasks if cooking is not an option for you.)
  • - Soap, washing up liquid, shampoo or bubble bath.                                                   
Top tips:
  • The maths sheets get progressively harder. They change from fluency to reasoning and problem solving. If they get stuck at the end- don't panic! Leave it/write a note/discuss it with them.
  • If you are really struggling to get your child to write, you can scribe for them in Maths or other tasks. (As long as it isn't a writing task.)
  • Use gems! We have a gem jar at school. Children add a gem when they have used good manners, been kind, completed good work, put effort in etc. You could fill a container with anything you have. Maybe set them a target. If you get 20 by the end of XXXX you can have a little treat of XXXX

Welcome to Week 4

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a restful weekend and are all well. We are going to look at time this week in Maths. We believe that children learn this best with regular practise at home. It isn't easy to learn quickly but hopefully the lessons this week will give you an insight into some of the skills children need. By the end of Year 2, all children should be able to read O'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times on an analogue clock and be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Later in the year, we will look at minutes, hours, days, months, years and solving problems involving duration of time. The children are likely to have different confidence levels with this. Therefore, if they haven't mastered time yet, I would recommend following the lessons in order. If you think that your child has fully mastered the concepts already, get them to complete the assessment booklet as independently as possible and send it to me. If they find it easy, I can send them alternative tasks for the week. Hopefully it will be another enjoyable week. Please continue to send work in daily and save it to return to school with your child. I will schedule a TEAMS meeting for Friday so hopefully we will see you all there. Enjoy!

Hangman quiz!

Guess what 'I spy,' in my house...   6 letters, 3 letters, 7 letters. Email me your answers. I will add a clue each day.

Alongside their work, can children please practise the words to these songs:

It's Christmas Eve       Squash and a Squeeze    Thanks and Praise    (Click for lyrics)


Story Time

Here are some stories recorded in the last lockdown for my class last year. If you haven't seen them before, or fancy a story, you may want to watch them. I will try do a new one soon.

Dinosaur                         Ravi



 If you found yesterday that your child can already accurately tell the time independently to the nearest 5 minutes, you may wish to skip this week's Maths lessons so I have put up these tasks as an alternative.

Choose 1 a day:

1) Time problems  (to 5 minutes)

2) Choose 4 of these questions to try.  CHALLENGE CARDS

3) Play the Maths Frame online games written on the weekly plan.

4) Maths problem solving

Monday 23rd Resources

Maths warm up - near doubles          Time questions      clock template

Maths time assessment booklet (For those who know how to tell the time)

7 key words ‘Up in the Air’–harder         4 key words –‘Alien’ easier

Compound word slides                          Victorian recipes

Tuesday 24th Resources

Hangman clue - Day 2. 'I spy with my little eye, something in my house. It is something that can move by itself and is smaller than my hand.'

Time worksheet - O'clock        Worksheet answers 

The Whoopsit -easier             The History of the Yo-yo - harder

RE lesson plan                       RE Powerpoint

RE powerpoint as PDF            RE synagogue sheet          Phonics game sheet

Handwriting (Click to watch the video. We have done these joins in class. The video will remind you about the diagonal join and letter sizes. Practise the join in as many ways as possible. Can you write any words with -al or el?)


Wednesday 25th Resources 

Hangman clue 3- I am covered in fur and if I could sing, my favourite song would be, 'I like to move it, move it!'

Time worksheet - quarter to and past    Time worksheet answers

Compound word poster                       Book review

Here is a checklist that children will need to edit their work tomorrow. It is worth looking at it today to think about how they write their poem. They need to also look at the example on the plan. They should try and apply all their learning so far. E.g. powerful verbs, interesting adjectives, expanded noun phrases, to show me what they have learnt. This should be their best work yet!

Poem editing check list

Thursday 26th Resources

Time worksheet - 5 minutes           Worksheet answers

Phonics words to read                    English editing tick list (see yesterday)

Reading picture                           ICT typing challenge

Random acts of kindness ideas                      

From marking work yesterday, children are forgetting their expanded noun phrases. Please look at the examples on the plan and you can try this website to recap:


When writing, don't forget clear ascenders and descenders. This sheet may help.


Here are some finished examples of poems:


By Cassie                                          By Oliver H

Friday 27th Resources

Well done Amber Class - we made it to the end of our two week isolation!

For those still guessing the Hangman. Here are the clues:

I spy it in my house.  It is smaller than my hand and can move by itself. Its favourite song is, 'I like to move it, move it' from Madagascar, it usually is found at school but is currently isolating with Mrs Brown. What (or should I say who) is it?

G _ o _ _ a       _ _ e      _ a _ s _  _ r

You have all been brilliant and should be very proud of your learning. I can't wait to see you all next week. I have really missed you. For those of you who can, join me on TEAMS at 1pm today. If I don't see you, have an awesome weekend. Big thank you to your mums and dads too! :) 

Time workbook (easier)              Time workbook (Y2)      Common exception words

Scavenger Hunt   (not for TEAMS)      Reading comprehension


17/11/20 - I received this video from Ella. I am sure you will agree that it is a fabulous performance of, 'These Old Shoes,' by Tony Mitton. Thank you so much for sharing Ella and family. The file is quite large so we may not be able to keep it on here for long but please enjoy! It is wonderful!

 Chloe and Natasha made bread using a Victorian recipe then cooked and ate a Victorian meal. Excellent learning and teamwork girls and they said it tasted good too!





Friday 20th November

Place value workbook (easier)    Place value workbook year 2

Common exception word sheet   Reading picture task      Board game 

Don't worry about the quiz at the start of science. They can guess or you can talk about it or if you are really keen you can look at lesson before but they aren't expected to know it. Also, the first part of the lesson recaps about particles. Again, they study this later in school so do not need to know it. They can skip past or watch the previous lesson if they are super keen! You can start from the MELTING section.

Ideas for spelling:

  • Spelling Puzzle: Make a home-made puzzle by writing each word in large letters and then having the child cut each card apart.The fun is in putting the puzzle back together!
  • Stairsteps: Write the words as if they are stairs, adding one letter at a time.






  • Tic-Tac-Toe: There are a ton of cool ways to play with this old game! Create a larger-sized board and play tic-tac-toe where each player uses a spelling word.OR, have each player use an ‘X’ or ‘O’ but in order to place a mark on the board,  they have to spell a word correctly.
  • Window Writing: All you need is special window-safe crayons to use or write in the steam on the shower door. 
  • WORDO!: Kind of like Bingo but with letter or words. 
  • Rainbow Write: Flip a word card and have your child go through the rainbow, painting or writing each word in rainbow colours.Make the first word red, second orange, third yellow, etc. OR write each letter in a colour of the rainbow.
  • Water Paint: Use water and a paintbrush to water paint the spelling words on the pavement/patio.
  • Chalk
  • Hangman
  • Anagrams- mix up the spelling words for children to unscramble.
  • Quick write- how many times can you write the word in 1 minute?
  • Type it Out: Open up a Word document and have your child type the spelling words on the screen as you call them out. Enlarge the font, make it a cool colour, and he’ll have a ball.
  • Write on each other's backs - can they guess the word?
  • Make the word from playdough
  • Make up a rhyme to remember the spelling.

Thursday 19th November

Maths diving deeper sheets       Maths heavier/lighter      Reading picture task

Bingo cards

Wednesday 18th November

Maths Powerpoint            Maths worksheet          Maths answers  Maths challenge

Spelling sheet                wordsearch                  Reading booklet

History slides                ICT online safety slides  ICT task

ICT websites

Picture map example


Tuesday 17th November 2020

Good morning. Thank you to everyone who sent work in. I do need to tick off who has completed the work and record an assessment of how they got on (as much as I can.) so please send work daily. 

Tuesday 17th November PLAN

Maths worksheet              Maths answers           Maths challenge

Phase 5 phoneme mat      Shoe photos            adjective mat

60 second read -Victorians (harder)    60 second read -Home Alone (easier)                 

Handwriting             How to hold a pencil

Top tip for Tuesday: 

If you are counting in 10s or adding multiples of 10, use sticks of something to represent it and build it. I have maths equipment here but you can use straws etc or draw. They could also choose the practical task and practise weighing with scales. The last problem is a real challenge so not all will be able to manage. Please don't worry!


Here are videos for with a hello and a phonics game...


Monday 16th November 2020

Good morning everyone! We are so sad that we will be apart for 2 weeks but we know you will do some amazing work and we cannot wait to see it. We will put your learning here each day. If anyone has any questions, please email me at: amber@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk

Monday 16th November PLAN

Maths warm up       Maths worksheet         Maths answers      True or false challenge

Spelling slides          Poem                          Reading - 6 word comprehension

Reading - 3 word comprehension              Victorian kitchen slides

Victorian Kitchen image                            Victorian kitchen objects to sort if needed

Victorian kitchen talking points for PARENTS   

 Here is the video for ENGLISH. I am so sorry, I had signal issues so near the start the sound cut out. It was meant to say: A section/group of lines in a poem is called a VERSE. The poem has 11 VERSES. I have attached the poem anyway so please use that to read from. 


Home Learning examples

Look at Ava and Oliver adding two 2 digit numbers using equipment, objects and even chocolate!


Amazing observations by Olivia, Darcey and Sammy. Super still life drawings!


Look at these amazing mood boards. We have some serious fashion designers in Amber Class!





Look at some of our finished Traction Man outfits...



Great stitches Leo!            Jamie loves bananas!              Well done Skye!

World Maths Day

We had a busy day listening to maths related stories, problem solving, thinking about how maths is used in the real world, playing maths games and creating our own maths games and crafts.