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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

School Staff

Mrs J Keir-Bucknall

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Cox   

School Administrator/Finance Manager/ Clerk to LGB

Mrs S Roberts Administrative Assistant
Mrs K Henson Receptionist/Administrative Assistant (Fri)
Ms D Keating     Teacher of Opal Class (Reception)
Miss E Moreton   Opal Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Jefferies   Opal Class Teaching Assistant
Miss J Franks       Teacher of Ruby Class (Year 1)
Mrs S Norris     Ruby Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Coombes  EYFS-Year 1 Teaching Assistant & HLTA
Mrs L Brown  Teacher of Amber Class (Year 2)  
Ms C James     Amber Class Teaching Assistant
Miss P Male Teacher of Sapphire Class (Year 3)
Mrs J Rowland   Sapphire Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Coling  

Teacher of Diamond Class (Mon) & Amber Class (Wed)

Miss K Williams

Teacher of Diamond Class (Year 4) Deputy Head & SENCO

Mrs S Huddart      Diamond Class Teaching Assistant
Mr R McKechan Teacher of Jet Class (Year 5)
Mrs A Smallwood   Jet Class Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Madge     Teacher of Emerald Class (Year 6)   
Mrs M Attwood   Emerald Class Teaching Assistant 
Mrs K Picton     Learning Support for Special Needs 
Mrs S Pearson Lunchtime Leader/Learning Support Worker
Mrs C Baker   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Clark  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Dennis   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Francis   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J O'Carroll   Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Rich Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S  Nicholls   Cleaner
Miss R Loughran Cleaner