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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Ruby Class  


We are a class of Year 1 pupils.

Our teacher is Ms Franks and Mrs Norris is the teaching assistant in our class.

Summer Term 2018-2019

Term 6 Week 4

We loved this week in Ruby class as we got to go on our class trip the the Sand Sculptures at Weston super Mare. It was really great to look at the massive sculptures and then have a workshop with Bev who taught us how to create a sculpture with the correct tools. We had a picnic lunch on the beach which was fun but a bill chilly! Whilst we were looking at the seaside features a rather cheeky seagull came and pinched a whole ham roll from one of our bags and proceeded to rip it up! All of us laughed. 

We have also begun to write our own stories based on a story by our class author. Ours are called  How to hide a lion at the seaside and we are continuing them next week.

We also enjoyed practising our sports day too.


Term 6 Week 3

This week our learning in Literacy has focused on story writing. We have used pictures of beach scenes to add interesting adjectives and then write descriptive sentences from these. We are going to write a story based on How to hide a lion. 

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers up to 100 into tens and ones.

Our third learning experience has focused on healthy eating of fruits. We sorted fruits and thought about how they grew, where they came from and what they looked like.We then used the fruit with milk and yoghurts to make smoothies. Then we shared them with Opal class when they came to hear about our UK learning.

Term 6 week 2

We have had a busy week in Ruby class using our Phonics in lots of different ways. we have been reading phonics, writing using our phonics and playing lots of phonic games. We really enjoyed it and we also got to read a phonic book to Ms Franks!

It was great fun having a visit by the Lifeguards. Matt and Luke came to talk to us all about being safe at the beach. they explained about the different flags we might see on the beach and what each of them means. It was great when some of us got the dress up as Lifeguards and rescue our teacher!

We have also begun to learn the Place value of numbers to 100. We are really enjoying using the hundred squares and number lines.

Today we have also thought about British values and Democracy. We joined with Opal and Amber classes to vote for our favourite Golden time activities.

Term 6 Week 1

This week are using lots and lots of phonics this week and next. We are phoneme spotting, reading real and nonsense words and playing great online phonics games.

This week in our Maths learning we have been using money. We have learnt about the different types of coins and notes that we use in England. We looked at the values and even got to touch a £50 note! We have been adding with them and solving money problems. 

We had our Inspire afternoon with our families. We made moving pictures based on a story from our class author. We had spinners, sliders and lift the flaps. Thank you for helping us everyone - we had fun!

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Term 5 Week 5

In our second learning experience we are continuing to create our reports about the UK and using Book creator to show the different features such as adding information, pictures and sounds. We are enjoying adding our learning about Wales too.

In our Maths we have been learning to divide a whole shape or number into halves. We know its called using Fractions. We really enjoying used real life items such as apples and bread to find halves as we got to eat them afterwards! We are looking forward to trying to quarter biscuits!


Term 5 Week 3

This week we have been working on multiplication in our maths learning. We have been using the cubes to help us make equal groups and also to make and draw arrays. In Literacy we have learnt about adding the suffixes s and es to nouns to makes them plural. We remembered that you need to add the suffix to the end of the word like ed and ing.

Through our first Learning experience we have learnt about Scotland. We used the i-pads to find out information and we painted pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. We are now wondering if there really is a Nessie!!!

Term 5 Week 2

It's been UK all the way this week in our class! We have begun to look at the four countries of the UK by using Google Earth and the i-pads to help us find out information. We have looked at and learnt about the features of England and Scotland. 

We have also enjoyed practising to spell our CEW by using a story from our new class author- Helen Stephens. The book was called How to hide a lion in school..so we did..luckily it was just a small toy one! We also wrote the story to help us with our punctuation too.

In our Maths learning we have focused on making and adding equal groups ready for our new focus area of multiplication.

Term 5 Week 1

Welcome back and we hope you had a great Easter and were able to enjoy the warm and sunny weather.        We have begun our new geography topic where we look carefully at the United Kingdom and the four countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We are also learning about the features of the Seaside. Using a book called The Sea Saw and our Beach Shop in class we are already learning about coasts and islands. As it was St Georges Day earlier in the week, we have also begun to look at the country of England.

We have also begun to develop our skills and learning in Cricket and Tennis in PE. This week we also got to exercise and have on scooters in our ScootFit session. It was really good fun going over ramps and see-saws!

In Maths we have learnt about Mass and Weight this week. using the balances we were able to order items using their weight. 

Spring Term 2018-2019

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Term 4 Week 5

WOW - a huge thank you to all those parents and family members who came to our celebration of learning this week! We really hoped you enjoyed it and were able to see how hard we have been working. It was great to be able to share our Savanna animal reports, our printed puppets and our measuring learning experiences with you. We also hoped you have enjoyed listening to our Olizimo story and our Animal patterns poem...we enjoyed performing them to you.

We have also been finding out about why an elephant has large ears in our science work. We planned and carried out our experiment and even made large elephant ears to wear as we moved around the playground. When they flapped in the breeze we realized it helped cool the elephants down. We really enjoyed being elephants!!

We hope you all have a super Easter!

Term 4 Week 4

This week we have been focusing on our GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) in our Literacy learning. We have looked at verbs and how to add a suffix to the end. We used ‘ed’ for the past and ‘ing’ for the present. We also had a go at putting them into sentences so play became –We played or We are playing.

We have also begun to learn about Length and Height in our Maths and our third learning experience. We put our whole class in order of height from the shortest to the tallest and back again.

We have enjoyed improving our laptop skills by turning them on, selecting an icon, connecting to the internet and accessing a program. We used the internet to play a jigsaw game and used the mouse pad and scroll bar. We also remembered about our Online Safety learning and asked if a pop-up came onto the screen.

Term 4 Week 3

After that super week focusing on words and books last week, we continued to use our Mr Word Men characters to write our own stories. First we learnt about the four sentence types - statement, command, question and exclamation. We learnt how they started the punctuation marks needed        eg ? and ! We then tried putting these into our Mr Men stories. 

In Maths we have been counting in twos, fives and tens. We made groups practically and practised saying the numbers forwards and backwards eg  5 10 15 20 25 30   or   38 36 34 32 30 28.  We also looked for missing amounts in sequences and had a go at problem solving. The part we really enjoyed was using real sweets!!!

In our third learning experience we are learning about Length and how to measure. We used rulers and metre sticks to find items longer than, shorter than and taller than all around the school. We are going to use the Savanna animals to help us.

Term 4 Week 2

We have enjoyed reading reading and more reading in Ruby class this week! We started by using whole class reading to read the story of Mr Happy from the Mr Men series of books. We enjoyed it and wrote the story ourselves. We thought about describing the characters and setting. 

Then on Thursday we looked fabulous all dressed up as our different words-(BIG thanks you to our families who helped us-you were amazing!) and we used the words to change into a Mr or Little Miss character eg fearsome became Mr Fearsome and pandemonium became Little Miss Pandemonium. Next week we will use them to write stories of our own. 

In Maths we have stated to count in 2's and again we used a story to help us- Noah's Ark! We had to create a number using 2's then solve a problem. 

We have also finished our animal puppets that we printed so we cant wait to show them off at the celebration of learning.

Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back after the lovely sunny half term! Welcome to our new class councilors - Joseph and Darcie. You gave a super clear talk about our week in assembly today. For anyone who missed it this is what we have been doing..

We have enjoyed using place value to 50 and showing one more/one less than different numbers. We have also compared numbers to 50 using the =   < and > signs.

Our literacy has focused on questions and question marks. We asked each other questions, learnt about question words and added question marks to sentences. We have also written our own question sentences.

We all enjoyed our cross country run yesterday despite being delayed by the rain.

In our second learning experience we have been learning about printing and this week we have chosen different ways of printing to show our Savanna animals. Its really helped us to think about their patterns.

Term 3 Week 5

We have now completed our Savanna Animal Reports. We have learnt a lot about Report writing and we love the final posters we made. We are now concentrating on story writing in our Literacy. We have begun to write a story setting using the adjectives we have been developing.

In Maths we are starting to learn about place value to 50. We are counting forwards and backwards to help us recall each of the numbers as well as making them using the tens and ones and ten frames. 

As this week was our Online Safety week we have been learning from the whole school assembly    Ms Franks and the digital leaders shared with us. We have also had a class assembly on thinking about how we keep safe when online. 

We learnt....Never share your personal information and always ask a trusted adult if you are unsure about anything online.

Term 3 Week 3

We are working on developing vocabulary in our Literacy this week. We have already learnt what nouns are so now we are trying to think of amazing adjectives to describe them. We used large photos of our Savanna animals to add adjectives. It was quite tricky as Ms Franks challenged us to try to think of the best words we could so instead of big we had to use  massive or huge!

In Science we went on a Winter walk around the school. We had to look for signs of Winter and it was a dull and dark day. We looked at the sky, the tress, the plants and the buildings. We saw a few birds but talked about why there was not lots of them. It was so cold that day!

Term 3 Week 2

This week we have continued  to focus on our topic of Searching the Savanna. We looked at different types of animals and sorted them choosing our own criteria. Then we sorted some together as a class. We chose animals and birds then Savanna animals and non-Savanna animals.

We have also enjoyed our PE with the coaches learning to balance and counter balance on the mats. We especially enjoyed learning to control the ball with the hockey sticks as Ms Franks taught us to go carefully and watch the ball.

Continuing our author work we have acted out the story of the Gruffalo. We enjoyed being the different characters and moving as them. It was even more fun to use different voices. Acting it out was helpful as we then recounted the story in our writing books focusing on clear sentences and neat handwriting.

Term 3 Week 1

Hello and I hope you all had a good break over Christmas and new Year. Its lovely to be back in school and thank you to the parents that have come up to ask if I am recovered. It was very thoughtful of you.

We have started our new topic of Searching the Savanna. We are focusing on science and in particular the animals aspect. The children have already learnt that the Savanna is an area within the continent of Africa and they are keen to learn more.

We have also begun to look at books from our new class author - Julia Donaldson. In particular we have started our work on her famous story of The Gruffalo.

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Autumn Term 2018-2019

Term 2 Week 4-6

We continued to work hard over these weeks despite our teacher being absent due to illness. We did a lot of singing and rehearsing for our Nativity play called the Christmas Recipe. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed performing it to our friends and families. 

We also continued to learn about place value to twenty and looked at the tens and ones in numbers.

In Literacy we read and wrote poems about Snowmen and Santa. It was a bit tricky at times especially trying to make the lines rhyme but we all tried hard.


Term 2 Week 3

Ooh lots of lovely yummy cooking smells from the kitchen and the classroom this week. We made our Gingerbread biscuits by mixing, rolling, cutting and baking the ingredients. We all really enjoyed it and then on Tuesday after school our teachers and those from Opal class sold the biscuits. They were so popular we sold out ...and had to make some more the next day! It was really good though, as with Opal class, we managed to make about £75 profit-amazing! This will go to help fund meals for the children in the OLC school. A HUGE thank you to everyone who bought our biscuits and we hope you enjoyed them.

We have also worked hard to think about designing a new castle for the Queen. We looked at different castles and palaces the Queen already has and then thought about how we could use our joining skills we practised last week to help us make them. We also had to think about the boxes and tools we would need. Now we can't wait to make them!

Term 2 Week 2

This week we have continued with our traditional tales focus and ordered a set of pictures about the Gingerbread Man. We wrote our own sentences to tell the story and tried to use story language such as Once upon a time. We are also going to make our own version of the story!

In Maths we have focused on 2d shapes. We have been learning the names and looking at their properties to help us answer questions and solve problems by giving reasons. 

It was fun on Wednesday as we joined with Opal class to use our critical skills to help us decide what we could do for an Enterprize project. We all gave our ideas and the most popular one was to make biscuits to sell so we can send money to the OLC school in Africa. We are going to make them next week and sell them on TUESDAY 20TH NOVEMBER after school. Please do come and buy some!


Term 2 Week1


This week we have been thinking about our new core value of Compassion. We have been learning about the term Democracy and the symbol of the Poppy for Remembrance Day. Whilst making our plastic poppies for the display by the entrance, we have learnt about how the poppy flower grew on the fields after First World War and how it helps us to remember that people died for our freedom.

In Literacy we have begun our focus on writing to Entertain through Traditional tales. We looked at a range of Traditional Tale books and discussed the features and characters in them. Then using hand puppets we acted out the story of The Gingerbread Man and changed it to add a few new characters of our own!

In Maths we have continued to focus on Subtraction and using it to solve problems. 

Week 7

This week we have focused on assessments of our learning by recalling our place value facts in Maths, writing a description of a troll to show our sentence work including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and showing our best handwriting by coping our Autumn Leaves poem! 

We have continued to problem solve in Maths using addition and subtraction facts to help us. We had to work out problems such as 3+ _  <   3+ _                                                                                  In our guided reading we have been looking for different phonemes and discussing the story.

Also this week we have been looking at a very special flag for the Queen called the Royal Standard and learning how it is used. We made our own Royal Standard.


Week 6

We have enjoyed our week learning more about Queen Elizabeth II. We learnt who she is married to and about her four children and who would inherit the her title. Using pictures we created her family tree. We also really enjoyed reading our topic story of The Queens Handbag and painting our own versions for Her Majesty!

In Literacy we have been been really working on our sentences and using capital letters, spaces and full stops and in Maths we are enjoying problem solving with our addition and subtraction skills.


Week 5

Phew! A rather different but exciting week this week. We have had our Inspire session on Tuesday with our parents coming to help us design and make our crowns so that we could feel like a Queen or King. Thank you so much to all those who were able to attend as it was great fun and we really enjoyed working together with you.

On Wednesday we had our trip to the woods to look for seasonal changes and at the different plants and tress. We collected different items such as leaves, twigs, moss and bark and brought them back to school to make natural item pictures. Have a look at the one of the Queen above! We were all fantastic on our trip and very enthusiastic at learning in a different way.  We did get to have fun too by throwing the leaves into the air to watch how they fell!

We have also manged to start a new Maths focus of Addition and Subtraction using the part part whole boards.

Week 4

Its been health and fitness week this week across the school and Ruby class have enjoyed lots of exercise and learning all about a healthy lunchbox! We have enjoyed our early morning fitness activities. We have been moving and learning the days of the week and counting in 1's 2's 5's and 10's at the same time! It was also great fun running or walking our laps around the school in the super sunshine. All of us managed over a mile and we didn't even realize it!

We are learning the alphabet in the correct order and matching capital and lower case letters. We have sung the alphabet with different rhymes and moved to a musical alphabet too. Then once we can say the alphabet we have begun to think about putting words in alphabetical order.

We have continued our work on place value to 10 in Maths looking at one more and one less and using the greater and lesser than signs.

Week 3

We have had a lovely week learning more through our featured story of Whatever Next! Ms Franks even gave us a challenge to write our favourite part of the story all by ourselves with no grown up help.                         Guess what - we all did it!!! We were so good that Ms Franks even gave us 10 gems!  

In science we have been learning a lot about plants and their different parts. We learnt what each part does and made labels. Using the roses and cyclamen plants that Ms Franks bought, we made some super line drawings and even better water colour paintings. We had to look very carefully at the shape and colours.

We are continuing our place value work in Maths and getting very good now. We are also impressing Ms Franks and Mrs Norris with our segmenting and blending in phonics.


Week 2

This week we began our new topic which is called The Queen's Bag.It is a history based topic focusing on Queen Elizabeth II.We had great fun following a set of clues left on bones around the playground. Eventually the clues led us back to our class room where we found a bag full of items connected to our Queen. We all enjoyed that! We have thought about our key questions about the things we would like to learn about the Queen...such as 'What shoes does she wear?'! We are going to turn our classroom role play area into a palace!

We also learnt that our class author is Jill Murphy. We have been using her book Whatever Next! to help us learn to write lists. We thought about what we would take to the moon like Baby bear did!

In Science we have been learning about Autumn and the signs we are beginning to see now we have begun the Autumn season. We have used our printing skills to make colourful leaves for our 'seasons' tree display.

Week 1

What a super start to our first week in Ruby class. We have all been exploring around the class to find out where our resources are and very importantly the lovely toys!!

We have made our class rules and signed the contract to say we will keep them.

We have done a lot of assessments this week including 40 spellings and 20 additions plus lots of phonics, sentence writing, counting and sorting and reading. Is been very busy and we are looking forward to starting our topic next week.