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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Ruby Class

We are a class of Year 1 pupils.

Our teacher is Ms Franks and Mrs Norris is the teaching assistant in our class.

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Summer Term 2018

Week 10

Bobs Beach party went to the real beach this week! We had our class visit to Weston super Mare where we went to the Sand sculpture festival. It was amazing how huge some of the sculptures were! After we had had a look at all of the Circus themed sculptures, we completed a quiz and even voted for our favourite one. It was quite hard to choose as they were all so good. Then a lady called Bev led us in our workshop to have a go at making our own sculptures. We had to work in teams of three and carve a circus tent. We had to work as a team and our results were pretty good for our first go. After that we had a picnic lunch on the beach and the sun came out. Then we looked at the different geographical features of the seaside such as the pier, island, cliffs, sea, sand and even cheeky seagulls! We also got to make our own sandcastles on the beach and dig huge holes in the sand. We all really enjoyed our day and everyone said how amazing we were with great listening, good manners and super behaviour. We did Ms Franks proud.

We also worked really hard on our line drawings of birds and our seaside paintings using watercolours in the style of Monet.

Week 9 

Money, Money, Money!! - Its all been about money this week. We  have been learning to recognize the different coins and notes and their values. We  have found lots of ways to make different amounts using the coins and we have been solving problems too! In literacy we have been writing more about the seaside trying to add interesting adjectives to our writing.

We also looked at the Seaside holidays of the past and compared them with the beach holidays of today. Using the loan box from the museum service, we have looked, discussed and touched items such as knitted bathing suits and the penny lick! We also looked at the clothes people wore on the beach and thought it would be very strange to be in Victorian times as you had to dress up to go to the beach!

We have also had fun reading a phonics book with Ms Franks- we had to read lots of real and alien words. We all tried really hard.

Week 8

Wow a really busy first week back after half term. We have been practising lots of phonics to help us remember them and to help us spot them in words. We have also started the second part of our topic and this time it's all about the Seaside. We have already looked at the features and listed them. We have made seaside pictures and worked out whether the features we see are natural or man-made.  We have had some special visitors from the RNLI who came and talked to us about Seaside Safety and being safe in the sun. We learnt about the flags on the beach and what they mean and also all about the equipment they use. 

On Thursday it was the KS1 Step into sports day where we got to try different activities such as Cricket and team games. We also enjoyed Boxercise with Ms Franks as we got to box the pads quite hard! Thank you to the coaches who helped us.

Week 7

This week we had great fun making, and baking bread with Opal class for our Enterprize project. We made over 200 hundred rolls and shaped them into spiders, worms, hedgehogs and snails. We then sold them after school on Wednesday and made over £48 profit. This is going to go to the OLC school and will feed three children for a whole year- so a HUGE thank you to all those who bought our bread and we hope you enjoyed it! We did.

Also this week we have been working on place value using numbers to 100. We have been identifying, ordering and comparing two digit numbers looking at the tens and ones.

We also enjoyed looking around the school for items of different technology. We went outside, in the hall and even in the offices to spot different technological items and thought about why they were useful. We also used the laptops to begin to look at data handling.

Week 6

Lovely to see some sunshine this week and especially today at the Royal Wedding Breakfast. We hope you all enjoyed it if you were able to come today...the children certainly did! We had lots of fun yesterday with Opal class as our class TA's were helping with the Year 6 SATs. We got together and made Royal Wedding bunting and did Royal Wedding maths. 

After working hard to finish our own stories,  based on our class author story - How to hide a lion in school, we also worked hard using numbers to 100!

We really enjoyed our gem party today too!

Week 5

This week our focus in Maths has been Position and Direction. We went out into the playground to learn how to turn our bodies left/right/half turn/ full turn/ quarter turns. We also used shapes to turn in these directions too. We used the Bee Bots to move around a mat giving directions using the correct vocabulary and we also used our friends as 'robots' to program them to move to different teddies around the hall. 

Thank you all for coming to our super Inspire morning this week too. It was great fun and wonderful to see how many children had the support of parents, grandparents, aunties etc. The posters we made were superb and we've added just a little bit more to complete them. We loved having our families to help us and we hope you had great fun too.

Continuing our plants and science theme we have also carried out an experiment to show capillary action in plants. It was great fun watching as the water was absorbed.

Week 4

This week we have started to think about plants. We have planted the wildflower seeds we were given, in the quiet garden. To help us learn more about how they grow we looked at the different parts and the jobs they do. We even pulled the soil from a pot plant to see how fine the roots were! Its been re-potted and has survived well. We have drawn plants and labelled them too. Looking at the plants is going to help us with our Inspire day next week so we hope you can come.

In ICT we have been programming the BeeBots to travel around the UK map visiting the capital cities. We tested it out and wrote an algorithm to show the instructions needed in order. It was lots of fun and we all enjoyed it.

We started the week by joining with Opal class to taste breads from around the world including the four countries of the UK. It was great fun to try different types of bread...some we liked but some we were not so keen on! We are going to use the information from the tally charts we did to help decide the breads we need to make for our Enterprize project. Look out for this at a later date!

Week 3

This week we have continued to focus on the countries and cities of the UK. We have looked at the features of Northern Ireland and Wales and compared their features to those of Scotland and England. Although we all part of the UK it is very interesting to see the differences. We also discussed cities in general and thought about how they are different to villages and towns.

Our Maths learning  has focused on Fractions this week. We have been having lots of fun trying to halve items such as bread, apples and biscuits! Who knew fractions could be so tasty..because yes we got to eat our 'halves' afterwards! We also enjoyed halving shapes and amounts as it helped us remember that the halves must be equal.

Week 2

This week our Literacy has focused on our new class author- Helen Stephens. We have read and enjoyed her book entitled - How to Hide a Lion at School. It was fun to see the places the lion hid and to see how he saved the day at the end! We also looked at the four different sentence types we need to use- Statements, Questions, Commands and Exclamation sentences and found them in the text. Then we wrote sentences from the story using the Common Exception words that we need to learn how to spell and the different punctuation- . ? !

In Maths we enjoyed learning about Capacity. We took our learning outside and used coloured water and rice to find different capacities. We made, compared and ordered different capacities to help learn the vocabulary - empty, full, half full, nearly full, greater less than and indeed - capacity!                               

It was also great to learn about Road Safety in a fun way with the arrival of the large lorry. We learnt about Stop, Look, Listen and Think when we are crossing roads. It was also great when Ms Franks got in the cab and pretended to drive the lorry while we all stood at the front as she couldn't see us at all! We know we must think very carefully about how cars and lorries need a lot of time to stop so we need to be very careful on roads.

Week 1

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We hope you all had a good time despite some rainy days!!                  The children are all settled back and keen to learn about our new Geography topic- Bob's Beach Party.            Yes Bob the class gorilla is still very popular!

We are going to be learning about the seaside and the countries and cities of the UK. We have already turned our class role play area into Bob's Beach shop and we have been using real money to 'buy' things in the shop. It is helping us to recognize coins and add amounts together. We would love to have a go with real money at home too! We have also been learning about mass and weight this week. It has been great fun using the balances to compare objects and put them in order of lightest to heaviest and back. We have also been solving problems and giving reasons for what we found out.

Our Literacy has focused of the four types of sentences- statement, questions, commands and exclamations. we have been learning to say and write them and add the correct punctuation eg . ? and !

We have started to learn about England and the four countries of the UK.


Spring Term 2018

Week 10

We started the week having fun in the snow! We really enjoyed making snowmen with our friends on the school field. They lasted quite a long time! It helped us develop our science skills and think about freezing and melting too. We have been doing a few math's assessments this week to show our learning and we have also been learning about halving and doubling amounts.

After we had watched a video clip about a little girl who loses her pet, it was a big surprize to find out that her pet was a giraffe! We used this to write a story and show how well we can write independently now. We also looked at what a pet needs to keep it healthy and loved. 

In PE we enjoyed playing team games with Ms Franks and developing our throwing and catching skills.

Week 9

Phew! What a busy week for Ruby class. On Monday we had our class visit to Bristol Zoo. Despite a soggy day we all had great fun. We had a workshop with Rachel who told us all about the animals of the African savannah. We got to hold mealworms and touch snakes and a huge African rat! We also really enjoyed the seals who tried to get us even wetter by splashing us, the penguins who came up close to us and a very sleepy lion. Possibly our favourite animals though, were the gorillas who really entertained us by climbing around, carrying their babies and throwing the straw all over each other. We even have a very cheeky new class member in our own gorilla called Bob!

On Thursday we also had another visit. This time some people from Bristol University came to give us a workshop on Dinosaurs. We got to invent our own dinosaur and draw it and to hold real dinosaur bones and fossils. It was lots of fun


Week 8

This week we all discussed our Snow days and the fun we had! Back to work though and we have been learning to add a suffix to a verb. We have used the ing and ed suffixes and looked at how this changes the tense. We have also completed the illustrations for our Book Creator story and photographed them on the ipads. We are starting our stories next week.

In Maths we have begun to learn how to divide by sharing. We learnt that it must be equal as we had to share out pasta in our groups. When we found that some had more than others, we understood that it was because the groups were not equal sizes too!

We have also begun to look at measuring length by measuring our feet against each others and by using items such as cubes or paperclips to help us estimate first.

Week 7 

A very unusual week for us all!  Snow!!! We enjoyed going out and catching the snowflakes to watch them melt on out warm hands. Little did we know we would have quite so much snow! We hope you all had fun on the snow day but stayed safe and warm too. Thank you for helping us to come in our World book day costumes. We took photos and used our knowledge of adjectives to describe our characters. We also wrote clues to help guess who we were. As a special treat we watched 'The Highway Rat' by our author Julia Donaldson too.

We had lots of fun  making arrays in our maths activities to help us learn about groups of 2, 5 and 10. Next week we are going to write our own arrays and use them to solve problems.

Week 6  19/2/2018

Questions, questions and more questions- just a normal week in our class!! This week however we have been learning to write questions using question words and a question mark for punctuation. We have written questions about our class animals. In our Inspire morning we wrote questions too.

It was lovely to have so many parents, grandparents and relatives come and help us create our animal jigsaw quizzes. Well done for having a go at drawing elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lions and cheetahs! The children really enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

We have also continued to print animal patterns using different printing techniques such as finger, potato, hand and block printing.

In maths we have enjoyed learning to make and use our 2's 5's and 10 times tables.


Week 5 8/2/2018

Its been Online safety week in Puriton Primary this week! We have all been focusing on the theme of Create and Share Respect. We listened to the assembly by Ms Franks and thought about how the characters felt when someone posted unkind words about their picture online. In class we discussed how we need to focus on treating people kindly,  the way we do face to face. Some of us also looked at Emojis and what they represent. We talked about different scenarios and used the emojis to show how we would feel.

We have now finished our leaflets which we are really proud of. We have moved on to our next focus of learning -Printing animal patterns. We have looked at different types of printing and tried out finger printing. We have also made pictures using different circular items to print circles of a variety of sizes.

We have also begun to write stories about our savannah animals and we have begun to learn to tell the time too!

Week 4 29/1/2018

This week we have been learning to use the animal facts we found out and sorted to create our own leaflets. Each of our savannah animals has some leaflets now to explain the information we have learnt. We added headings, labels and bullet points to our work. We even added the name of the animals in the Swahili language!

We have enjoyed adding and subtracting using numbers to 40 and  have begun to apply this to word problems. We showed our results using objects, pictures and writing the calculations.

In Literacy we have learnt what adjectives are and how we can use them to improve our sentences. We described the settings and animal characters from The Ugly Five story as well as our own group animals.

Week 3 22/1/2018

Another super week focusing on our class author- Julia Donaldson. We read her latest book called The Ugly Five. It is set in the African savannah and features five creatures - wildebeest, hyena, warthog, vulture and stork. We acted out the story and created our own story maps to show this. After learning about adjectives we used them to describe the African sunrise. We had some lovely story settings.

We have continued our focus on numbers to 40 in maths by adding and subtracting. Using the part part whole boards we found missing amounts too. 

We have also begun to group our information together under headings to help us when we make our animal leaflets.

In phonics we are trying to learn our phase 5 phonemes to help us read and write them in our sentences.

Week 2  15/1/2018

We have been busy this week using books and ICT to research our animals from the African savannah. We split into groups and found out lots of information about each of the five animals- giraffe, elephants, rhino, cheetah and lion. It was really interesting and we found out some quite strange things indeed! We are going to use the information to help us create animal leaflets.

In maths we have been focusing on Place value with numbers to 40. We have made them, counted them and put them in order. We are also improving at counting forwards and backwards to 40 too.

Our class author this term is Julia Donaldson so have really enjoyed looking at and reading lots of her books. We each found our favourite book  but it was quite hard as we like so many of them! We have used The Gruffalo to look at the rhyming patterns she uses.

Week 1 8/1/2018

Welcome back and we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.                                            We have started our new theme of learning this week through our new topic of Stomp, Romp, Roar!             

We are using our Science focus of animals to learn about sorting and grouping eg mammals/reptiles/birds etc and carnivores/herbivores/omnivores. Having decided to focus on the animals of the African grasslands, we are going to use our first learning focus to create information leaflets about these.

Taking responsibility for ourselves and others is also a big focus this term. We are trying to make sure we put our own fruit/sandwich boxes/drinks in the class boxes and trying to remember to hand in our spellings on Mondays or Tuesdays. We are also learning to take responsibility for our own actions and any following consequences.

We also took responsibility to care for the wildlife in our own environment by making bird feeders and hanging them in the trees to make sure the birds could eat! We have already spotted a few visits by our feathered friends!