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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Ruby Class  




We are a class of Year 1 pupils.

Our teacher is Ms Franks and Mrs Norris is the teaching assistant in our class.

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Autumn Term 2018-2019

Week 6

We have enjoyed our week learning more about Queen Elizabeth II. We learnt who she is married to and about her four children and who would inherit the her title. Using pictures we created her family tree. We also really enjoyed reading our topic story of The Queens Handbag and painting our own versions for Her Majesty!

In Literacy we have been been really working on our sentences and using capital letters, spaces and full stops and in Maths we are enjoying problem solving with our addition and subtraction skills.


Week 5

Phew! A rather different but exciting week this week. We have had our Inspire session on Tuesday with our parents coming to help us design and make our crowns so that we could feel like a Queen or King. Thank you so much to all those who were able to attend as it was great fun and we really enjoyed working together with you.

On Wednesday we had our trip to the woods to look for seasonal changes and at the different plants and tress. We collected different items such as leaves, twigs, moss and bark and brought them back to school to make natural item pictures. Have a look at the one of the Queen above! We were all fantastic on our trip and very enthusiastic at learning in a different way.  We did get to have fun too by throwing the leaves into the air to watch how they fell!

We have also manged to start a new Maths focus of Addition and Subtraction using the part part whole boards.

Week 4

Its been health and fitness week this week across the school and Ruby class have enjoyed lots of exercise and learning all about a healthy lunchbox! We have enjoyed our early morning fitness activities. We have been moving and learning the days of the week and counting in 1's 2's 5's and 10's at the same time! It was also great fun running or walking our laps around the school in the super sunshine. All of us managed over a mile and we didn't even realize it!

We are learning the alphabet in the correct order and matching capital and lower case letters. We have sung the alphabet with different rhymes and moved to a musical alphabet too. Then once we can say the alphabet we have begun to think about putting words in alphabetical order.

We have continued our work on place value to 10 in Maths looking at one more and one less and using the greater and lesser than signs.

Week 3

We have had a lovely week learning more through our featured story of Whatever Next! Ms Franks even gave us a challenge to write our favourite part of the story all by ourselves with no grown up help.                         Guess what - we all did it!!! We were so good that Ms Franks even gave us 10 gems!  

In science we have been learning a lot about plants and their different parts. We learnt what each part does and made labels. Using the roses and cyclamen plants that Ms Franks bought, we made some super line drawings and even better water colour paintings. We had to look very carefully at the shape and colours.

We are continuing our place value work in Maths and getting very good now. We are also impressing Ms Franks and Mrs Norris with our segmenting and blending in phonics.


Week 2

This week we began our new topic which is called The Queen's Bag.It is a history based topic focusing on Queen Elizabeth II.We had great fun following a set of clues left on bones around the playground. Eventually the clues led us back to our class room where we found a bag full of items connected to our Queen. We all enjoyed that! We have thought about our key questions about the things we would like to learn about the Queen...such as 'What shoes does she wear?'! We are going to turn our classroom role play area into a palace!

We also learnt that our class author is Jill Murphy. We have been using her book Whatever Next! to help us learn to write lists. We thought about what we would take to the moon like Baby bear did!

In Science we have been learning about Autumn and the signs we are beginning to see now we have begun the Autumn season. We have used our printing skills to make colourful leaves for our 'seasons' tree display.

Week 1

What a super start to our first week in Ruby class. We have all been exploring around the class to find out where our resources are and very importantly the lovely toys!!

We have made our class rules and signed the contract to say we will keep them.

We have done a lot of assessments this week including 40 spellings and 20 additions plus lots of phonics, sentence writing, counting and sorting and reading. Is been very busy and we are looking forward to starting our topic next week.