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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Celebrating Achievement


Friday 5th April 2019 

House Points: 29th March 2019

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Work of Excellence Certificate

OPAL Sammy A For an amazing worm book - great writing, organising and illustrations
RUBY Maliah W For learning and writing her days of the week spellings.
AMBER Shane D For working hard to improve his reading and spelling skills.
SAPPHIRE Harry M For working really hard on his story writing and thinking carefully about his handwriting.

For excellent work in Maths. Pushing himself with greater challenges.

JET Megan H For using expression and volume effectively when performing a poem.
EMERALD Imogen L For a very carefully painted clay tile. 

Qualities and Values Certificates


Oliver W 

For persevering with your fantastic recount.

RUBY Dulcie F and George C For super teamwork to perform a poem to the class. Great actions and voices.

Archie P

For behaving responsibly by following our class rules.
SAPPHIRE Stanley C For helping others be responsible for their learning and behaviour choices.
DIAMOND Tegan V For showing great resilience in her work and persevering whilst restricted.
JET Cyanne E For being a fantastic pupil in Jet Class and for being kind, hardworking and a good friend to others over the years. Good luck in your new school.
EMERALD Jake H For a positive change in attitude towards reading! It's great to see you reading so enthusiastically, Jake! Hope you are now hooked!

 Key Skills Award - great information processing skills.

OPAL Jack B For asking questions about the wasp. Well done for being so curious.
RUBY Chloe R, Darcie B, Skyla B, Victoria N, Joseph W, Dulcie F

For a brilliant performance of a group story using the Gruffalo story as a template.

AMBER Seren K, Ruby E and Leyla P For writing fantastic descriptions of their learning to share with parents.
SAPPHIRE Evelyn D For giving a fantastic, detailed explanation about her light and sound travels.
DIAMOND Jessica L For linking her learning to real situations and how it benefits us.
JET Lewis G For sharing information clearly with his peers to help a problem in numeracy.
EMERALD Charlie-Ann For using time at home to revise for her SATs, enabling her to reflect on her learning and feel more confident in her ability. What brilliant test results this week!

 Lunchtime Superstars

EYFS/KS1 Lily C For having outstanding table manners in the dinner hall.
KS2 Bobby F For showing younger children how to play nicely and joining in with their games.