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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

For Celebrating Achievement


12th January 2018


Work of Excellence Certificates

OPAL Victoria N For a great list of all the things we need in our role play.
RUBY Emma H For super reading comprehension and asking questions to help when she was stuck.
AMBER Rubee S For explaining to a friend what was good about their handwriting and what they needed to do to improve in a very kind way.
SAPPHIRE Charlie B For showing an absolutely amazing transformation with his handwriting!  Keep it up!
DIAMOND Nicola V and Cyanne E For an excellent and creative gymnastic routine.
JET Connor E For identifying factors of numbers accurately and for using concrete resources to support his answers.
EMERALD Isabelle G For wonderful maths when solving fraction problems.

Qualities and Values Certificates

OPAL Darcie-Leigh B For taking responsibility for her own learning. She has been very busy.
RUBY Jacob D For taking responsibility to pick up coats fallen on the floor and hang them up.
AMBER Denver H For taking responsibility for checking his marking comments without being asked. Also for ensuring the classroom is tidy!
SAPPHIRE Ruby H For always being helpful to teachers and other children.
DIAMOND Lewis G, Olivia H and Megan H For running their own group spelling intervention when Mrs Huddart wasn't in school.
JET Connor C For taking about the responsibilities he has at home and why they're important.
EMERALD Megan Ca For showing initiative and taking responsibility for keeping our classroom tidy.

 Key Skills Award - great enquiry skills

OPAL Skyla B For being a curious learning this week. Skyla asked lots of questions about our museum animals.
RUBY Aiden F

For asking questions about the animals features in our new topic.

AMBER Daisy-Mai B For super exploring and problem solving using 2x, 5x and 10x table facts.  She chose to use the bar model without it being suggested!
SAPPHIRE Daniel L and Elysia HC For exploring light and sound during our WOW start to the topic in interesting ways.
DIAMOND Rebecca L For asking super questions about teeth and making detailed observations.
JET Adam T For asking interesting questions about our new topic.
EMERALD Leticia R For posing interesting questions during a science lesson about burning.

Lunchtime Supervisor Certificates

EYFS-KS1 Darcey R For always being polite and playing nicely with her friends.
KS2 Harley S For thinking about others at lunchtimes.

 Homework Heroes