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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

For Celebrating Achievement

22nd June 2018


Work of Excellence Certificates


 Charlie AB

For a great recount bunting. I like the way you used the time words like first, then and finally.
RUBY All of Ruby Class For a fantastic trip to the beach.  You all made Puriton Primary proud.

For a well written, accurately punctuated story.

SAPPHIRE Sapphire Class For being resilient during swimming lessons and making tremendous progress over the past 10 weeks.
DIAMOND Samuel W For becoming confident when using the Book Creator App and exploring the functions.
JET Gennie K For working hard, answering questions and leading discussions on the Maths, Science day at Chilton.
EMERALD Issy G For trying really hard to make her writing even better, asking for advice.

Qualities and Values Certificates

OPAL Dulcie F For perseverance with her recount bunting after our trip to Ham Wall.
RUBY Olivia K For working hard to present her recount neatly - super resilience to improving her handwriting.
AMBER Harry P For showing super resilience with handwriting.  Mrs Brown really enjoyed reading your fantastic story full of similes and interesting vocabulary.
SAPPHIRE Charlie B For being resilient when he finds things difficult.
DIAMOND Lewis G For ALWAYS showing a positive attitude to learning and striving to be better.
JET Darci A For contributing ideas and sharing answers more regularly in class.

For showing resilience when solving maths problems.

 Key Skills Award - problem solving skills.

OPAL Oscar S For solving the problem of how to get a gem to float!
RUBY Savannah P

For finding ways to involve everyone in her group to create a sand sculpture.

AMBER Amber Class For working out which animals come from Africa and super fact finding at Noah's Ark Zoo.

For showing different ways of finding the same answer (inverse and commutative).

DIAMOND Cyanne E For super problem solving during recent assessment questions.
JET  Kacie PC For making good comparisons of 3D shapes and giving justified reasons for her answers.
EMERALD Megan Ca For working hard on a maths problem, identifying links between numbers.

Lunchtime Supervisor Certificates

EYFS-KS1 Maisie PC For amazing manners.
KS2 Morgan C For always being so fantastically calm, kind and willing to lend a hand at lunchtimes. 

 Homework Heroes