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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievement



House Points: 5th October 2018

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19th October 2018

 Work of Excellence Certificates



Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Megan S For working hard in Literacy and Maths to really show her skills.

For completing our class workouts with maximum energy and concentration!

SAPPHIRE Thomas H For working hard to show different methods of working out in Maths.
DIAMOND Elysia HC For excellent understanding and explanations when using negative numbers.
JET Jessica A For working independently in class and for answering assessment questions linked to place value and addition and subtraction accurately.
EMERALD Kacie PC For showing great skills during BikeAbility this week.

Qualities and Values Certificates

OPAL Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Zack T For working independently and using classroom items to help him.
AMBER Olivia K For completing lots of extra work at home and in school to improve her learning.
SAPPHIRE Roxie H For focusing on her learning and working well independently.
DIAMOND Ella C For being a great role model to others, showing resilience and always trying her best. 
JET Isobel T For supporting others in numeracy and for explaining her methods in detail.

For fantastic effort over the last 2 weeks in his written work.

 Key Skills Award - great communication skills.

OPAL Opal class will be joining us when they have settled in.
RUBY Khloe C

For listening and sharing her ideas in guided reading.

AMBER Kaiden PC For explaining his thinking clearly and confidently to prove his ideas in Maths.

For always putting her hand up to share her ideas or to ask questions.


Kacie P

For asking for help when needed and really listening to the explanations.
JET Stanley W For communicating well with children in the class and for settling in so well.

 Jake H

For showing his reasoning in Maths very clearly.

Lunchtime Supervisor Certificates

EYFS-KS1 George C For being kind and playing well with his friends.
KS2 Mia B For being thoughtful and willing to help others.

 Homework Heroes