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Opal Class


We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and we have two teaching assistants, Ms Morton and Mrs Jefferies. 

Spring term: All Creatures Great and Small

w/c 8th January      

The children were wowed with the arrival of lots of animals from the museum service. They were curious learners; looking closely and asking lots of questions. They have drawn one of the creatures and next week we are going to find out how we can make our drawings even better by being scientific observers.

Our new author is Nick Butterworth who has written Percy the Park Keeper books. The children have enjoyed listening to them and have helped to set up our role play as Percy's hut. 

This week we have learnt the rhyme- Bat bat come under my hat. Ask a member of Opal class to recite it to you. 


W/C 4th December        

The children have worked very hard this week designing and making a toy that moves. They have used a variety of methods to make the parts move including split pins, treasury tags and material that allows movement such as fabric. Their work is amazing and we look forward to as many parents as possible coming to see the children's work.

 W/C 20th November     

This week the children have worked very hard on their speaking and listening skills. Children were invited to bring a toy to school and tell everyone all about it. We have been practicing asking questions using question words 'where', 'who' and 'what'. We can now ask some very good questions e.g. Who gave it to you?

We read 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen. The children then made Kipper cards, pictures, presents and even a birthday cake with 5 candles. I am very impressed with the way they used their phonics to write Kipper. Well done Opal Class.  


W/C 6th November       

This week we have been reading more stories written by Mick Inkpen. We like 'Kipper's Toybox'. We have been looking for interesting vocabulary in Kipper's toybox. We like the word 'nibbling' as the baby mice 'nibbled everything.

We have stated a new unit of addition in maths. We still need to count carefully and make sure we move all the objects from both 'parts' into the 'whole'. It has helped us find out how many we have got altogether. 

Thank you to everyone who came to our maths workshop. I hope you found it informative.

This term our new theme is 'Toys for us'. The children have been drawing teddy bears with graphite pencils and finding similarities between a group of bears. 

Term 1

We have had a successful first term. The children settled in well and made lots of new friends. We have started to learn some phonemes and are using these to read and write simple words.