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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Opal Class


We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and we have two teaching assistants, Ms Morton and Mrs Jefferies. 

Summer term: All around the world

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W/C 11th June

We have investigated whether objects still sink in lemonade. The results were surprising; some items floated in lemonade and sank in water. We thought it might be due to the bubbles. 

We went to Ham Wall, part of Avalon Marshes, on Friday. We went on a sensory walk, looking for different colours and smells. We listened very carefully and heard lots of natural sounds and a few man-made sounds. After lunch we used nets to find lots of different pond creatures. It was great fun and we learnt lots. 



W/C 4th June       

This week we have been finding out about floating and sinking. We started by making predictions e.g. "All the big things will sink", "I think it will sink because it is round like the tomato and that sinks." One of the items had a hole and that sank, so it was suggested that all things with holes will sink. So we tested that idea. We found out that it only happens sometimes. During welly Wednesday we looked for things that sink. We found stones and mud sank but leaves and sticks floated.


We enjoyed the Step into Sports day and really got much better at throwing and hitting a ball. 


W/C 21st May

This week we have working on our enterprise project; making bread to sell. We made lots of bread rolls in the shape of animals and sold these. All the profits are going to OLC. The children were very excited that we made over £40, which will help buy food and resources for the school in Kenya. 

Thank you everyone for coming to our inspire and working so hard in spite of the technical difficulties. The pic collage instructions were brilliant.


W/C 14th May


The children have learnt the story of the little red hen who asks for help to make some bread. Everyone says "Not I" so the little red hen has to make it on her own. At the end of the story she eats all the bread on her own. We made some bread after we read the instructions and because we all helped to make it, the children took some home. They shared it with parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents. Some children couldn't wait to get home so they ate it in the car. Others ate theirs as a snack or for tea with a range of toppings from butter, cheese and peanut butter. They all thought it tasted lovely. We are going to write our own instructions to tell other people how to make their own bread. Next week we will be making and selling bread to raise money for the OLC. Please come and spend your money.

We have worked very hard this week counting in 5s, using money, counting fingers and making pentagons which have 5 sides. 


W/C 7th May   

We have been very busy this week grouping objects into 2s and counting them all. We have started to recognise the pattern of 2s and have started to use this to help with our problem solving. We have played games where every ball that gets into the pot is worth 2 points, matched socks and counted how many and solved problems with money. 

We have continued to sort instructions and found out that we don't always need numbers because words like 'first' and 'finally' help with the order. 

We looked at photographs of bedrooms and tried to decide who they belonged to; boy, girl, baby or adult. There were lots of clues but we decided that you can have any colour you want and it is up too you what you have in your room. We then drew the bedroom we would most like, and the children tried to guess who it belonged to. The children were very imaginative. One child wanted fire in their room, which lead to a discussion on safety. 

W/C 30th May

This week our new learning experience started with trying different breads from around the world. The children joined Ruby class to evaluate whether they liked the different breads. They confidently tried naans, soda bread, croissants, scotch pancakes, Welsh cakes, wholemeal bread and gluten free seeded rolls. The croissants and pancakes were very popular but the soda bread wasn't liked by many children. Surprisingly not many children liked the Welsh cakes either. 

As we will be writing instructions on how to make bread later this term, this week we have been finding out all about the bossy words and how they are ordered. The children have been following and reading instructions leading to the making of hats, binoculars and tower stacks. It has been a very 'bossy' week. 

During tennis lessons with the coach the children have been working hard to improve their skills. They have balanced the ball on the racket, pushed it along the floor, dropped the ball and caught it on the racket as well as played many games. Opal class have been brilliant. 

W/C 23rd April


Now that we have learnt the story 'Take a walk little bear' really well, we decided act it out around the school grounds. Next we brought our own bears to school to make up our own little bear stories. We took photographs of the places the bears wanted to go, such as the train and the put these into Pic Collage on the i-pads to make a story map. We then wrote our own stories and read these to our friends. The books are amazing. Well done Opal class. 

We have been thinking about what sort of jobs people can do. To start the lesson children were asked to draw a dancer and a car mechanic. We then looked at how many of the children drew female or male dancers and mechanics. It was interesting. At the end we all decided that anyone can be a dancer or a mechanic if they want to, even someone in a wheel chair. 

W/C 16th April

Opal class have worked really hard this week on writing sentences that have full stops and make sense. We have learnt the story 'Take a walk little bear' and have been using it as inspiration for our work. They even drew their own story maps and used them to retell the story to a friend. Some children realised they had missed bits out. Joseph then made amendments to his work. Well done Joseph, you have been a very 'Persevering Puppy'. 

The children had a visit from the road safety team. They learnt all about crossing the road safely, with the saying STOP, LOOK and LISTEN while using a variety of crossings e.g. puffin and toucan. They also went to see the lorry and found out that it is very hard for the driver to see children and adults if they cross too close to them. They had a chance to sit in the cab and pretend to drive. 


W/C 9th April

What a great start to our new term! We went on a walk around Puriton as a start to our new topic. The children were given photographic clues to discover where we were going next. They had to look out for road and shop signs, and features such as the zebra crossing, the park and the church. They were very observant and were very well behaved. We then made our own maps by drawing and using the photographs to show where we went and what we saw. 

We have set up our role play as an airport. The children talked about what they would need especially what they would like in the aeroplane. Making the seat belts was very challenging but George can up with a very good idea that was 'magpied' by others. Well done George. 

We are working really hard this term to make sure we can recognise and order numerals to 20. We have played lots of games and matched lots of items to the numerals. We are getting more confident.

Spring term: All Creatures Great and Small  


W/C 19th March

Enjoying the snow. 


This week has been extremely busy with children finishing off their recounts, learning about Easter and enjoying a gem party. Have a great break and I hope we have sun as well as snow. 

W/C 12th March     

This week we have been learning about halves and sharing. We have cut fruit, bread and play dough shapes in half, as well as using scales to find half of pieces of play dough and even poured half of the water into another container. We have given our bear half of the raisins and given our friend half of the 'sweets'. Poppy said "Half is the same size" so I was not able to trick her with "which is the biggest half?"

We had our first session with the PE coaches on Monday. We played a version of 'Simon says', as well as 'foxes and hounds' and 'cups and castles'. The children had lots of fun and learnt lots. Now they can't wait until they have the coaches every week.

We have continued to write our recounts using words such as first and next to help the author know the order of our recount.  

W/C 5th March     


On Monday we had a very exciting trip to Court Farm in Banwell. The children were fantastically behaved, listened well and learnt lots. We fed cows, goats and lambs and watched the cow being milked. Oscar said it was his third best day ever [after the snow days]. I would also like to say a big thank you to the parents who joined us. I hope you had a great time. 

Back at school we sequenced the photographs, drew maps and pictures of what we did, ready for writing a recount next week. We also painted pictures, wrote captions and made models. 

On Friday we made waterproof animal homes with a partner. The children decided as a pair what animal they would make a home for and what it would look like. They listened to each other and shared the jobs. The results are fantastic. 

W/C 26th February

What a snowy week! When it started to snow, the children were very excited. We tried catching snowflakes on our hands, gloves, hair and with our tongues. It was harder than we thought it would be. 

In this short week, we have started to learn the names of shapes and their properties. On Wednesday we used the i-pads to take photographs of all the different shapes we could find inside and outside. We found lots. Next week will sort these using our own categories. 

On World Book Day, the children dressed up as characters from Nick Butterworth books. They looked fantastic. We used blankets and tents to snuggle down and read lots of book stories including new ones we had chosen last week for our book corner.




W/C 19th February

Opal class has been busy this week finding out about materials and where we can find them. We went on a materials hunt for Welly Wednesday and found lots of things made of wood, metal and plastic. Next week we will be making homes for animals and the roof will need to be waterproof. So today, we have been testing different materials to find out which will be the best. It was great fun.

We looked for doubles using dice, dominoes and counters. We have played lots of games and now we can remember some doubles such as 'three and three is six'. 

Our rainbow writers have been using blue this week. They have written about blue cat, blue cars and even blue sweets. The busy boys writing project had a great first meeting, where we made monsters and set our first challenges. Thank you to all who attended. 

W/C 5th February     

We have had a very busy week, looking at the differences between some of the animals and birds. We have been very scientific observers. As part of on-line safety we worked as a group to design a picture of all our favourite parts of school and Opal class. We had to talk to the children in our group, make decisions together and in some cases, compromise.  We then said kind things about our friends work such as "Wow that looks really good." 

W/C  29th January        

Thank you everyone for a lovely Inspire session. Sorry we put you on the spot by making you draw, but the children really benefited from showing their expertise. I am really amazed at the way they explained to the adults how to draw the wildlife. Well done Opal class. 

This week we have been learning how to write lists so that we can record the similarities between 2 of the museum  creatures. The children have enjoyed this and can often be seen with a clip board writing food lists , or lists of children who are 'Busy Bunnies'. 

We have been counting back from 20 this term and now we are using that skill to find 1 less. It can be a bit tricky.

W/C 22nd January       

Opal class said "We made trails. We used chalk and sticks and leaves and daisies. We used the chalk on the playground but it didn't work on the grass. We had to go all the way to the fence. It was a long trail." 

W/C 15th January

This week we have continued to be scientific observers, looking closely at the animals. We have worked hard on improving our drawings. The children have really amazed us and themselves. Their final drawings are wonderful, with improvements in shape and details. We have also started to write labels, using our phonic knowledge to good effect. 

w/c 8th January      

The children were wowed with the arrival of lots of animals from the museum service. They were curious learners; looking closely and asking lots of questions. They have drawn one of the creatures and next week we are going to find out how we can make our drawings even better by being scientific observers.

Our new author is Nick Butterworth who has written Percy the Park Keeper books. The children have enjoyed listening to them and have helped to set up our role play as Percy's hut. 

This week we have learnt the rhyme- Bat bat come under my hat. Ask a member of Opal class to recite it to you. 


W/C 4th December        

The children have worked very hard this week designing and making a toy that moves. They have used a variety of methods to make the parts move including split pins, treasury tags and material that allows movement such as fabric. Their work is amazing and we look forward to as many parents as possible coming to see the children's work.

 W/C 20th November     

This week the children have worked very hard on their speaking and listening skills. Children were invited to bring a toy to school and tell everyone all about it. We have been practicing asking questions using question words 'where', 'who' and 'what'. We can now ask some very good questions e.g. Who gave it to you?

We read 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen. The children then made Kipper cards, pictures, presents and even a birthday cake with 5 candles. I am very impressed with the way they used their phonics to write Kipper. Well done Opal Class.  


W/C 6th November       

This week we have been reading more stories written by Mick Inkpen. We like 'Kipper's Toybox'. We have been looking for interesting vocabulary in Kipper's toybox. We like the word 'nibbling' as the baby mice 'nibbled everything.

We have stated a new unit of addition in maths. We still need to count carefully and make sure we move all the objects from both 'parts' into the 'whole'. It has helped us find out how many we have got altogether. 

Thank you to everyone who came to our maths workshop. I hope you found it informative.

This term our new theme is 'Toys for us'. The children have been drawing teddy bears with graphite pencils and finding similarities between a group of bears. 

Term 1

We have had a successful first term. The children settled in well and made lots of new friends. We have started to learn some phonemes and are using these to read and write simple words.