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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Poetry Slam


On Thursday 19th April children from Puriton attended a poetry slam at Chilton Trinity with children from Woolavington Village Primary School, Eastover Community Primary School, and Westover Green Community Primary School . They learnt and performed a range of poems to an audience. The children were confident and projected their voices well. Several groups were asked to repeat their performance because they did such a good job. 

A group from year 3 performed The sound Collector by Roger McGough. 

Oh, I wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth by Pam Ayres was performed by a group from Year 4.

A small group Year 5 performed I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. 

The majority of year 6 came along to perform Gran, Can You Rap? by Jack Ousbey. 

Well done everyone. We are very proud of you. 

Comments from the children

James said " I felt my confidence boosted when I was on the stage." Nicola said " I was worried but it was better when we got on the stage." Felix said "I read more poems now. We are writing a poem about our rainforest trip. That is much better than a recount." The group were very excited about this learning experience and even wanted to perform them to others around the school. I can't wait to hear them. 

The year 5 pupils felt they learnt lots during the project. Morgan said "I learnt to project my voice. It really boosts your confidence and I was very happy afterwards." Although Chloe was very nervous as she didn't realise there would be so many teachers there but really enjoyed it. Amber felt it was good that there were lots of people there that she knew but she knew to look above their heads. Gennie really likes to read poems now "My Granny bought me some poetry books." 

The Year 3 group were still buzzing about the poetry slam several weeks later. Lily thought it was fun and a good experience "because I have never gone off to other schools." Freya was really nervous and excited at the same time; "I had lots of butterflies" Elysia told the group "When I was there I was nervous, but when I started to speak I just enjoyed it." Honey loved doing their poem with the actions. The group suggested that they have a poem as part of their Wow day.

All the children want to be part of another poetry slam as it was "REALLY EXCITING".