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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Emerald Class

We are the Year 6 pupils - the oldest in school! 

Our teacher is Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood is the teaching assistant in our class.


Spring Term

Welcome back! Hope you have had a good Christmas break.

Week 1

In Emerald class we have been introduced to our new theme which is called ‘Splendiferous States of Matter’.  We watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory and looked out for places where scientific changes were taking place. We then came up with a list of questions we wanted answering about Changing State. Yesterday, we started carrying out these investigations, starting with changing liquids to solids.  We also looked at what happens when materials are burnt.

During maths we have been using the bar model to solve worded problems involved with finding fractions of numbers. It really helps us to visualise what the problem is asking us to find out.

We have also looked at Proverbs in RE. We discussed what different proverbs mean. 

Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is 'We'll Meet Again.'  We have been finding out about World War Two and in particular, how it affected children.  We went on an Evacuation Experience, where we travelled on the West Somerset Railway to Bishops Lydeard, imagining that we were being evacuated ourselves. We have since done some amazing writing, based on this experience, in the form of: diaries, letters, newspaper reports and stories.  


 Weekly news


The last two weeks have whizzed by in Emerald Class because we have been so busy.  We have been linking our Literacy with History, writing stories about a child returning to London after the Blitz.  We have moved onto calculating with fractions; we can now add, subtract, multiply and divide all types of fractions. 

We have also been getting ready for our Celebration of Learning next week by sewing our bunting to hang around the hall at our VE Day party.  This week we have finalised our plans for our enterprise project too.  Leticia and Kira had a meeting with Mrs K-B and Mrs Cox, putting forward our plan and asking for money to help fund it.  Luckily, they agreed and the girls came back to class, waving the money they had been given!  We will be making Christmas cards, which we will then sell at our Celebration of Learning.  The profits will go to our partner school - OLC in Kenya.

One of the highlights of the week was going to Bridgwater College on Wednesday, to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) morning run by EDF. We got involved in many different activities, e.g. playing VR games, doing electricity experiments, making wind turbines, making our own lip balm and much more.



It's been another busy week!  During Literacy lessons, we have watched another extract from Goodnight Mr Tom and talked about what it must have been like, when evacuees finally returned to London.  We then planned and started writing a story, based on this. 

In Numeracy, we have moved onto simplifying and finding equivalent fractions, solving tricky problems too!

Mrs Madge and Mrs Attwood have been very impressed with our sewing skills too. We have started to sew our designs, ready to make the bunting for our VE day celebration party.

Natalya, Megan, Bethan and Ophelia went to Wellington School with Mrs Madge on Saturday morning (yes..... a Saturday morning doing Maths!) for the annual Wellington School maths challenge.  The girls tried really hard; they didn't win but had a great time.




This week in Emerald Class we have been very busy.

In Literacy, we have been writing poems about the Blitz.  We started by writing similes and metaphors, then we brainstormed words and phrases about the Blitz (trying to make them into similes and metaphors.)  On Wednesday, we were given adverbial openers and wrote a few lines each, using our descriptive vocabulary.  Finally yesterday, we got together in small groups and put all our lines together to create a group poem.  We will edit and improve them today, ready to perform to the class later on. 

In Science, we have been learning about different drugs and alcohol and how their affect our bodies.  

In Numeracy, we have realised the importance of BIDMAS when carrying out longer calculations.  

In PE we have been practising our dribbling and shooting skills in basketball. 



This week, we have been lucky enough to have two visitors to Emerald class. On Monday, Phil (the manager of Foodbank in Bridgwater) came in to talk to us about the organisation and his role within it.  We learnt that it is a Christian charity and its aim is to support anyone who needs their help.  Phil told us that just like Jesus, they don't make any judgements of people; they support everyone who is in need.  This visit was linked to the work we have been doing in RE on 'Leadership' and what makes a good leader.  

On Friday, Mr Rowland came to visit us with an exciting package! He brought in some pigs' hearts and lungs for us to dissect.  He talked to us about the circulatory system and pointed out the major parts of the organs. We were then able to take a closer look ourselves. Most of us enjoyed having a good poke and prod! 

During Numeracy, we have been showing off our division skills, solving problems using short and long division, as well as showing our workings using the bar model.  In Literacy lessons, we have been busy writing, editing and publishing our newspaper reports on the evacuation of Puriton School children (our class trip).