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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

PE and Sport

CPD for Staff

Teaching staff have been able to enhance their confidence and ability in teaching PE through our CPD programme with R & W Coaching. Each class teacher works closely with high-quality coaches across two terms in a school year. During these blocks, teachers are able to observe high-quality teaching of PE, before planning effective sessions themselves, which are then taught alongside the coach. After teaching alongside the coach, the class teacher will lead the sessions independently, whilst being observed. 

Extra-curricular Clubs

We have an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs at Puriton, which are delivered by teaching staff, teaching assistants and R & W Coaching. The clubs on offer change throughout the school year but include: football, rugby, netball, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, dodgeball, archery, tri-golf, athletics, rounders, cricket, cross-country and cycling. 

Inter-school Sport

We provide a number of opportunities for children to represent the school, particularly in years 4-6, where there are numerous competitions and festivals available. 

Sport Outside of School

We are developing links with the community and are providing pathways for children to further develop their growing sporting talents, during out of school hours.