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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Amber Class

We are a class of Year 2 pupils. Our teachers are Mrs Brown for four days and Mrs Williams on a Wednesday. Miss James is the teaching assistant in our class.


Our Autumn theme is, 'Brilliant Brunel!' We are considering why he was a famous engineer, what his life was like and how life has changed since the Victorian times.

Here is our Autumn term overview

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Spring Term

A very happy new year from Amber class! We hope you all had happy holidays!


Week ending 15/03/19

We have been turning our adventure stories into electronic book using Book Creator. We need to think about which part goes on each page and include speech bubbles, thought bubbles and pictures. We had to learn to edit and insert photos.
In Maths, we have been learning all about symmetry and patterns. We explored 2D polygons more by looking at the American artist, Frank Stella. He creates paintings, sculptures and prints using different shapes and colours. We made our own designs by overlapping shapes.

We have also been improving our team work skills this week by programming Probots and measuring each other.

Week ending 08/03/19

We have been naming and describing 2D shapes. We have to count the sides carefully.
We have been writing adventure stories to entertain our parents at our celebration of learning. We are using Book Creator to make them exciting and interesting to read.

We really enjoyed World Book Day and thought everyone looked amazing. Well done for creating such fantastic costumes from interesting words! We all improved our vocabulary by learning about each other's chosen words. We used books by Mini Grey to find good vocabulary that we can use in our stories, we used the thesaurus to improve boring words, did a book quiz and created emojis for our words.

Week ending 01/03/19

We have been dividing numbers by 2, 5 and 10. The bar model helps us share numbers into parts and we have also learnt that we can use our multiplication facts to solve division problems.
We have been describing settings using adjectives and verbs. Then we designed and created outfits for Traction Man to wear in the settings. We had to work as a team to make mood boards for our ideas.
In ICT, we programmed the Probots. We had to estimate how far it needed to go so it didn't fall off the table.
In RE, we watched a video of a Christian wedding and acted one out. We shared what we know about the special ceremony.

Week ending 08/02/19

We have been learning to divide by sharing. We split numbers into equal groups and used the bar model to help us. We are practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

We learnt to write mini adventure stories using commas, adjectives, verbs and speech.

We changed different materials by heating them and cooling them. We used bolied water, chocolate, eggs, potatoes and toasted bread. Then we froze or cooled them. We made predictions, then looked carefully and described how the materials changed. We also thought about whether the changes could be reversed.

We had an inspire session. We used spinners and cards to generate ideas then designed useless objects such as chocolate teapots, china shoes and wooden coats. We thought about why they would be useless then which materials would be better and why. 

Week ending 01/02/19

In Maths, we drew part, part, whole models to solve 2 step word problems. They really helped us get the answer.
We are enjoying reading Flat Stanley and answering lots of questions about what we have read. We learnt different types of conjunctions and used them to improve our sentences.

We learnt how to dribble the ball in football.
We have been practising singing and acting for our nativity play.

Week ending 25/01/19

We wrote shape poems all about materials.
We have been learning how adverbs add detail to our sentences.
We have been learning how to use the multiplication symbol. We made and drew arrays to help us solve problems.
In RE, we learnt about Confirmation.
We found out that some materials are natural and some are man-made.

Week ending 18/01/19

We have been learning how to add equal groups.
We read shape poems and we are collecting words to use in our own poems.
We wrote a story based on a short film called Marshmallow.
On Monday, we went for a walk around the village. We looked around the school, went to the shop, the church, the old farm and the Post Office. We looked at which materials they had been made from and recorded the information in tally charts. Later in the week, we used the data to make bar graphs. Then we wrote questions about our data for people to answer. We had to remember our question marks!

Week ending 11/01/19

We have started learning about multiplication. We have been spotting equal and unequal groups then making equal groups with lots of different equipment.

In literacy we have been making sure we write in full sentences and mark the end in the right place. We have also been trying to join our handwriting.

We finished our work on health and hygiene. We thought about how exercise can make our heart healthy, make our muscles stronger and make us flexible. We planned exercises and timed how many we could do in 1 minute then thought about how our bodies changed. We also learnt about different types of food, learnt how much of each food we need and planned a healthy meal.


Autumn Term

Week ending 21/12/18

We have been busy showing Mrs Brown everything that we have learnt this term. On Monday, we experienced what it would have been like to attend school during Victorian times. We all dressed up and took part in very different lessons. We chanted numbers, practised handwriting, did drills and read and wrote poetry. In the afternoon, the boys did observational drawings in science while the girls baked mince pies.

We enjoyed hosting our own Victorian Christmas market for our family and friends. We learnt that the Victorians started lots of the Christmas traditions we have today. We made wreaths, cards and crackers to share with our visitors. We also told them all why we thought Brunel was truly brilliant. The adults also looked at all the real Victorian artefacts in our class museum and we explained what they were all for.

It has been a busy but exciting term. Merry Christmas everyone!

Week ending 14/12/18

We had a wonderful time performing. 'The Christmas Recipe,' to our family and friends. We were so pleased that we all spoke and the adults said our voice were very loud and clear. We hope you all enjoyed the performance!

Week ending 07/12/18

We have learnt have been learning how to improve verbs and how to write them in the past tense.
We are writing narrative diaries as if we travelled on the SS Great Britain. We have described the launch and the journey.
We were excited to find an elf door in our classroom. We found an envelope with a note inside from one of Father Christmas' elves. She is setting us challenges every day and we can check up on her using CCTV. We are writing a diary each day about her adventures in the classroom which we have to use different sentence types and punctuation.
We are looking forward to performing our play to the school and our families next week.

Week ending 30/11/18

In Maths, we drew part, part, whole models to solve 2 step word problems. They really helped us get the answer.
We are enjoying reading Flat Stanley and answering lots of questions about what we have read. We learnt different types of conjunctions and used them to improve our sentences.

We learnt how to dribble the ball in football.
We have been practising singing and acting for our nativity play.

Week ending 16/11/18

Last Friday, we visited the SS Great Britain. We had a tour of the ship and imagined what it would have been like for the passengers in Victorian times. We also did a workshop and used tools to join metal with rivets. Then we dressed up and pretended to launch the ship. It was brilliant!

We have been building bridges. We looked at bridges from around the world. We drew some. We have been sawing and gluing to make our bridges strong.
In maths, we have been using ten frames to help us subtract.

Week ending 09/11/18

We researched bridges from around the world and sketched our favourite ones. Then we designed our own bridges and chose our best design. We practised our sawing skills and made all the pieces to add to our own bridge.

We visited the SS Great Britain. It was an amazing day. We started with a tour of the ship and we complimented on our super behaviour and for the interesting questions we asked along the way. After lunch, we went to a workshop where we heard all about the launch of the SS Great Britain. We travelled back in time and worked as a team to join metal with rivets using Victorian tools. We dressed up and reenacted the launch of the ship. It was brilliant!




Week ending 28/10/18

We finished writing our Black Hat stories. We tried to make our vocabulary as interesting as possible as we want to be able to entertain our friends in Year 6. 

We researched the Clifton Suspension Bridge and found out lots of interesting facts about it.

We would like to thank all the parents, family and friends who attended our inspire session this week. We had great fun completing the bridge building challenge. We worked in groups and had to build a bridge that would hold a toy car. We could only use the materials on our list. We had string, card, straws, spaghetti and 2 mystery items. We shared our bridges and thought about what went well (WWW) and what would be even better next time (EBI - even better if...)

Week ending 19/10/18

 We have been finding 10 more and 10 less. We then looked at adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to and from a range of 2 digit numbers. We have learnt we don't have to count in ones. 

We have been making our writing more interesting by using adjectives to write expanded noun phrases. 

Some of us showed how confident we were this week when we sang on our own in front of the class. 

Week ending 12/10/18

We have been practising our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

We had fun trying out different jumps in PE. We started jumping on the floor, then moved to jumping from different level equipment. We worked on our take off, flight and landing.

We watched a film called, 'The Black Hat.' It has brilliant vocabulary. We are going to use it to write our own stories to entertain other children in our school.

We are trying to find out where the most germs are found. We have rubbed a potato in a puddle, in the sink, on our hands and left one untouched. We will check them next week.

Week ending 05/10/18

We found information about Brunel in books and on the internet. Then we sorted or facts into groups on big sheets of paper. We used them to write reports. We are now turning them into brightly coloured factsheets to teach our parents about Brunel.

We have been using bar models to add and subtract. We compared calculations with greater, less than and equal signs.

We learnt about Baptism and made invitations. Then we visited the church. Reverend Doris showed us the oil and the font. We also lit candles. We filled the font with water, it was blessed and then we baptised our baby.   We learnt about Godparents and then we explored around the church. 

Week ending 28/09/18

We have been placing numbers on a variety of different number lines. We also used part, part whole models to write matching addition and subtraction calculations.

We used books and the internet to research facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We then decided to sort the facts into groups. We wanted to put the groups in chronological order. We added our facts under different subheadings such as, childhood and work. Our sound of the week is, 's,' made with a soft 'c.'

We have really enjoyed health and fitness week. We have retold the story of Moana through yoga, completed dances, workouts and we have taken part in the house cross country. We can't wait to find out which house has won! We also had a first aid workshop and put bandages and slings on our friends. We also enjoyed the workouts at playtime and our active golden time.

Our Harvest celebration is always a special time of year. We celebrate at the church with our family and friends and are pleased to donate food and other items to those who need it through our local food bank.

Week ending 21/09/18

We have been making, comparing and ordering numbers. We used greater than, less than and equals symbols. 

We have been using a range of punctuation. We wrote lists using commas. Our sound of the week is, 'r' made with, 'wr.'

In science, we did an experiment to see how easily germs spread using glitter, cream and our hands. We realised that germs are hard to see, they spread easily and that we need to wash our hands well to get rid of them.

We are enjoying learning how to use spaces in rugby and we have learnt egg rolls, log rolls, teddy bear rolls and forward rolls in gymnastics.

Week ending 14/09/18

We have been learning to count to 100. We have been reading and writing the numbers in digits and words. We have also used equipment to make 2 digit numbers and then partition them in different ways. 

We read fact sheets and spotted the features so we can learn how to make our own for our Mums and Dads. We have also spent time making sure we form our letters properly. Our sound of the week is, 'n,' made with, 'kn,' and 'gn.'

On our WOW day, we travelled back in time to the Victorian times. We looked at old objects from the museum and guessed what they would have been used for. We made our labels  for the objects and then drew them.

We thought of questions to that we would have liked to ask Brunel and added them to our wall. We will try and answer them throughout our learning experiences. We drew portraits of him from old photographs. People began to use cameras during the Victorian times but they were very slow! 

We have been learning to do egg rolls, log rolls and teddy bear rolls in gymnastics and we are also learning the skills needed to play rugby. 


Week ending 07/09/18

We have had a great week and have all settled into Amber Class brilliantly.

We watched a video of people explaining how they learn maths. We are going to try using drawing, experimenting, teamwork, using resources and starting with smaller numbers/examples then testing larger numbers, to help us learn maths this year. We have also learnt that it is ok to make mistakes and we don't always get the right answer straight away. We sorted emojis in different ways and described and made shape patterns.

We have done lots of reading and spelling activities.

We looked at paintings by the Russian artist, Kandinsky. We then made 3D collages based on his work. We had to use shapes that from a grid. E.g. if we like cats we could use a red circle, if we can ride a bike, we could use a yellow arch.

On Friday, we had a WOW day! We had artefacts from the museum all around our classroom. We looked carefully at them and wrote our own museum labels. We found out they were from the Victorian times. We then looked at some objects including french word cards, a map of the UK, a train, a bridge and a top hat. We learnt they were all clues to identify a man called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We thought of questions we could ask about him. Later in the day, we learnt about why people paint portraits then we created our own portraits of Brunel.