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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Amber Class

Year 2 held a christening

We are a class of Year 2 pupils. Our teachers are Mrs Brown for four days and Mrs Coling on a Wednesday. Miss James is the teaching assistant in our class.

Our Autumn theme is, 'Brilliant Brunel!' We are considering why he was a famous engineer, what his life was like and how life has changed since the Victorian times.

We were lucky enough to visit the SS Great Britain. The huge passenger ship, designed by Brunel, was amazing to explore. We dressed up to recreate the launch, used tools like real ship builders and explored the many cabins and rooms below deck.



Week ending 08/12/17

We have been using and making arrays to help us multiply numbers.

We learnt about how trains have changed from the Victorian times to now.

We found an elf door in our classroom. Then we checked photos from a security camera and saw an elf called Holly. The elf has had a picnic, rode in our train, played with Playdoh and written us a note. We have written a diary every day to record what she has been up to. We remembered to use conjunctions, adjectives, time adverbials and correct punctuation.

Thank you to Key stage 2 for being a good audience at the dress rehearsal for our nativity. We now feel ready to perform for our families.

Week ending 01/12/17

We have been busy practising our nativity this week. It was so exciting to go on the stage!

In RE, we learnt about Bar Mitzvahs.

In maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We found and made equal groups using lots of different equipment. We then added groups together.


We pretended to be passengers on the SS Great Britain and wrote narrative diaries.

We also learnt how to change the meaning of verbs and nouns that end in 'y' by changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding '-es.'


Week ending 23rd November

We have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. We can use dienes and drawings to help us.
We have also written narrative diaries. We imagined we were passengers on the first ever journey on the SS Great Britain. Some of us wrote as if we were 3rd class passengers and some of us were 1st class. We had to write in the past tense, choose key events and include the adverbs of time and conjunctions we have been learning.
On Tuesday, we looked carefully at the SS Great Britain and made detailed sketches of it.
On Thursday, we read a story called, 'Oh no George!' It was about a dog and his owner Harris. We thought about what made the characters good friends. Then made wanted posters to find a perfect friend and included all the qualities that we had discussed.

Week ending 16th November

We have been adding three 1 digit numbers. We have found different missing parts from calculations and solved two step word problems.
We have learnt how to use adverbs of time. We worked in groups to make short stories with word cards and then wrote our own.
We found out that there are 5 food groups. You need to eat a variety of different food to stay healthy. We also looked at what traditional food likes in other countries. It was fun designing healthy lunchboxes and balanced meals.
In RE, we found out about what happens at a Christian wedding.

Week ending 9th November

In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using written methods. It is tricky but we kept going!
In literacy, we have been learning to use different types of conjunctions called subordinating and coordinating. 
We asked our class mates questions about what they like then made friendship pictures for them that we knew would make them smile.
We started our nativity rehearsals for, 'The King is Born,' this week. We have lots to learn but we are looking forward to performing to our friends and family!


Take a look at all the thing we learnt about addition and subtraction!